Friday, April 17, 2015

Leopaul's Heaven and Hell: Couch potato cosplayers only. NO GAMERS ALLOWED!!!

Time to interrupt your laughter for a while's time to get serious. I'd just received a letter from a certain anime otaku from a certain area I can't tell where he or she is. The letter told me that people can dress whoever and whatever they want and regarding about my sister's Serena cosplay last Easter, the letter sender told me that no other girl would want to dress in her new outfit and they could just stick to the original outfit especially the ones as seen in the XY video games. The letter sender told me not to order anyone to do whatever I want.

Sakura Con 2015

Well, to the letter sender who wrote this message from me via my Tumblr, I reply you with a really big "DAMN YOU" because let me ask you one thing. Have you ever seen some Pokemon fan attending in a convention dressed as Serena in her new outfit like in the anime series? The answer is a really big NO because even if she watched the anime several times, she thinks that she like the old one better than the new one and that's disgraceful. Call yourself an anime fan? How dare you. And why do you want to dress as a video game character?

On the subject of Best Wishes cosplay, watching someone dressed as a female character never appeared in the Pokemon Best Wishes anime in the likes of Hilda or Rosa rather than Iris not only sounds degrading to the anime community but also a disgrace to those who have a concept of race and ethnicity. Says what but damn them who never watched that BW anime years ago.

Here's a top tip about Pokemon cosplay: COSPLAY AS THE ONES YOU SAW ON THE ANIME SERIES, NOT ON THE VIDEO GAMES! Just do as I told to do. Although I won't force you to do this, I hope you'll join my cause because I want to show the world that dressing as characters you saw on TV is better than dressing as video game characters and who can blame it?

There's nothing bad about cosplaying as your favorite character because cosplaying is our way to pass the time if you got bored and it's part of keeping our lives running like...pinching on your sibling and be the first to say ouch, crying on a funeral of someone who isn't your relative, drinking some sleeping pills and fight it with exercise, and watching your pet goldfish swim.

What really grinds my gears right now is people dressed as video game characters in a convention specifically made for couch potatoes who spend the rest of the time watching TV shows (cartoons, anime, sci-fi, drama, action), movies, even web shows like Bee & PuppyCat, RWBY, or Bravest Warriors. Of course, you can call yourself a couch potato when you spend too much time playing video games but this is totally off course now. I am sick of seeing anyone dressed as video game characters because for them, they think TV is for wimps and they better off playing than flickering some channels with their remotes.

Yes, I don't mind bumping on people dressed as video game characters because seeing them just makes me furious, furious enough to throw a golden axe to their controllers, hand held consoles, or smartphones while playing some pointless app games. I just want to see people dressed as their favorite TV and movie heroes and villains, not the ones from video games!

I know that sounds very harsh but what about video games that do have TV shows or movies? There was the Super Mario Bros. that do have their own terrible TV show and a movie (I know, I saw them and they were horrifying), Street Fighter that does have a not-so-bad TV cartoon, a web series called Assassin's Fist, and some live-action movies with the latter called The Legend of Chun-Li (which doesn't look bad for me), Pac-Man did have two cartoons with the latter is the utterly brilliant Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, Sonic The Hedgehog that spawns several cartoon shows with the latest Sonic cartoon called Sonic Boom, Resident Evil (Biohazard) that spawned numerous live-action films and they have big plans for the series' 20th anniversary next year, The iDOLM@STER which spawned some totally different anime shows as well as last year's movie...umm...there's too many to list but you know what, let's take it into consideration because this column is getting ugly right now.

As both a couch potato, a gamer, and a blogger who covers almost everything I saw, I respect people who dressed as their favorite characters. It's not that I'm upset or anything but seeing people who are into video games rather than those they've seen on their televisions at a convention is a strand too far and I'm starting to cross the line right now because gamers don't deserve to live in the community made by geeks and nerds for geeks and nerds. I know that geeks and nerds are different in every scientific way but if I see a gamer dressed as a video game character, I would really smash them to the ground, and by smashing them to the ground, I will LITERALLY smash them to the ground. FINISH HIM! Oops, there goes that video game line I wouldn't say that in this column.

Sadly, I wouldn't want to do such thing because I might disappoint someone who reads this, especially to a special buddy I met. That special buddy I met on the internet turns out to be a fan of The iDOLM@STER, just like me, and her favorite iM@S character is Haruka Amami, just like me. If you read this, I'm sorry. I've never meant to hurt your feelings because you were not just a good gamer but also a great anime otaku and an iM@S fan just like me. I'm very sorry for writing this because...I was just having fracas over the Serena cosplay from Pokemon.

Anyway, I guess I should end this column for now. Hope I don't get stressed by the time I wrote this and very sorry for those who got offended by this column. Please don't take it very seriously because I'm not taking it very seriously and I would never do that to a fellow nerd and geek like you.

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