Sunday, April 26, 2015

Leopaul's Heaven and Hell: Fighter's Honor

In the world of boxing, there are different kinds of fighters we faced. There are fighters who lived by pride, those who strategize very well, those who uphold honor, those who fall, those who bring death, those who lived to battle, those with experience, those with their undying faith to God, those who witnessed it, those who guard, and those who started a revolution. These are the kinds of fighters we saw in the ring and no matter how big-shot these famed boxers are, they're still bound to their fighter's honor. Some maintained theirs, others corrupted it by any means.

For a guy like Manny Pacquiao, having his honor maintained a fighter is what made him special and no matter how high-profile or low-profile the foes he faced, be it Juan Manuel Marquez, Erik Morales, Shane Mosley, Tim Bradley, Brandon Rios, Chris Algieri, or any known boxer he faced, be it a win or a loss, his fighter's honor tested him and such courage snagged him multiple titles in his belt.

Now, his fighter's honor is resting on his shoulders because he's going to face the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the world's greatest boxing match in human history this May and what we have here, ladies and gents, is a match between two of the world's biggest fighters.

I can really see why it's happening and why is everyone salivated for it but behind the scenes, looks like both of the fighters are having their honors degrading, well for Mayweather because he had dealt with too much media maulings, looks like this fighter who lives by pride had his pride haunted through him.

I know that pride is considered one of the seven deadly sins by some but for some boxers, they don't know what is the true meaning of pride, perhaps those who knew that pride is measured by their success never realized that they're starting to become more hysterical than what their former selves be. Looks like his ego drove him like a wolf that can chew through any leash.

For Manny, although he's a high-profile fighter, he doesn't live by his pride. He upholds his honor not just at the ring but also outside the ring, from his celebrity status, his politician status, and his faith to God. He's a man of many roles and he can take on any things he wants, even for his own family. Although he's a man who upholds honor, his beginnings wasn't that humble because...well, if you guys watched that Kid Kulafu movie, you'd probably know who he is...but, still, you get the idea.

Like Mayweather, Pacquiao is somewhat more of a dog that was leashed by money but soon, he'll become more of a wolf. A wolf that can chew through any leash and yes, I said that earlier, because money isn't what made Pacquiao a famed fighter in his own right, its his dark past that made him a stronger fighter, but sooner or later, his old "Kid Kulafu" past will haunt him right through his soul and therefore lost the will to fight even outside the ring. 

That sounds so sad but having learned through experience, Pacman's no quitter. He has the strength, and the willpower to get himself up and finish where he started and for the upcoming fight with Mayweather, he will give everything he got to finish the job, no matter the result.

For Mayweather, challenging Pacquiao is a big way to think that his pride is always on his side because he remains his outstanding record for winning matches and the fact of being an undefeated champ as of now. For Pacquiao, challenging Mayweather is all about having his honor tested. Let's remember that it was the Pacman's fist that caused Bradley (on his second encounter) and Algieri taste their first defeat and for this ultimate match, this will be very one-sided. It's about a battle between pride and honor and which side should they'll be on? Mayweather lives by pride and Pacquiao upholds his honor as a fighter, no matter which side you're on, it's all in the name of fighter's honor.

Pacman, your biggest fight for your life is almost here and this is the chance you've been waiting for! Remember, GET OUT AND GIVE HIM HELL! We're all praying for your success!!!


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