Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meeting Bruce Lee's grave

Several days ago, me and my sister's family went to a cemetery, which is a few miles away from Downtown Seattle, and in that cemetery lies a grave from one of the most iconic martial artists in history, Bruce Lee.

It's not just the legend who rests his soul in the cemetery known as the Lake View Cemetery, but also his son named Brandon Lee as well.

Seattle's Lake View Cemetery is just over nine miles away from my home in South Graham Street and for first timers, the only way to find Bruce and Brandon Lee's grave is the colors red and black of their graves. Once you found it, congrats, you just found a potential tourist spot.

Bruce Lee's grave is colored red while his son's grave is colored black. Although I never know about his son, I knew little about the famed martial artist known for his timeless, buttkicking, moves.

I didn't realized he was buried in this Seattle-based cemetery but it seems that the city of Seattle pays a lot of tribute for Bruce Lee's contributions.

If you see his grave as well as his son, don't forget to pay respects from them and for a memorabilia, take a picture with yourself or your mates alongside them. Bruce and Brandon Lee's grave is a great place when you're traveling in Seattle.


Bruce and Brandon Lee's grave is at Seattle's Lake View Cemetery, located at:
1554 15th Ave E
Seattle WA 98112

Open from 9:00AM to dusk daily. In winter, it closes by 4:15PM. In Spring/Fall, it closes at 6:00PM. And in Summer, it closes to 8:00PM.

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