Thursday, April 16, 2015

Subaru Crossover7

When Subaru announced that they will discontinue their Exiga MPV after seven years, we were very skeptical about Subaru planning a replacement for the departed Exiga and as it turned out, their replacement turned out to be an Exiga risen from its grave like a zombie after dark, only to find out its been given some tougher looks and a new name.

2016 Subaru Crossover7

It's still an Exiga but since it has some new looks on the once-departed MPV, it's now been called the Crossover7 or to be more precise, the Exiga Crossover7. Yes. It's that concept MPV you saw at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show now became a reality and it's now ready for those who are ready with their Golden Week plans.

The Exiga Crossover7 maybe considered an SUV but in reality, it's just an MPV with some added ground clearance to make it look like it's ready to take on the world but even though this is a revived Exiga in the form of a so-called SUV, it's not half bad at the start because with seven seats inside, looks like a typical Japanese family will have their things to do during Golden Week ready. Think skydiving or going on a concert or kayaking, or whatever things a normal Japanese out-of-towner will do during Golden Week, this crossover MPV was made to do such purpose.

2016 Subaru Crossover7 interior

2016 Subaru Crossover7 interior

Since this is a family car, the Crossover7's interior matches the theme for being an adventurous car, although you do get some concessions of comfort such as satellite navigation, heated front seats, climate control, cup holders, so on, so forth. It its seven-seater arrangement, the boot space is not half bad and it's about as long as a golf cart lying down horizontally, which means, that's a lot of grocery shopping to be filled in. If you want more space, you can stow away the third row seats and that's more than enough to fit two medium-sized balikbayan boxes.

2016 Subaru Crossover7
The Crossover7 comes with the updated version of the FB25 boxer engine with Lineartronic CVT gearbox, like you get in the latest Subaru Legacy range. It produces 173PS of power output, 235Nm of torque, and thanks to its Lineartronic CVT gearbox, fuel economy is around 13.2km/L by JC08 Mode standards. Not quite as fuel efficient as the other MPVs but for a crossover of this magnitude, that doesn't sounds so bad.

As for the handling, well, thanks to Subaru's Symmetrical AWD, it's handy capable enough even when on places that are slippery when wet. If it's snowing in Hokkaido, the Crossover7, again thanks to its AWD, is well prepared to take on the worst and it's not half bad for an MPV that came back from the dead.

The Exiga Crossover7 costs 2,754,000 Yen, which is somewhat more expensive than the Forester but because this is the only seven-seater in the lineup, the Crossover7 is the only family-oriented Subaru you can buy and this would be the ideal car not just on the Golden Week but also on your upcoming summer holiday as well.

Available colors: Crystal White Pearl, Tungsten Metallic, Dark Blue Pearl, Platinum Grey Metallic, Crystal Black Silica.

Photo: Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

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