Thursday, April 16, 2015

When a Range Rover gets converted into a pickup

No. This isn't some kind of an editing trickery done by some sly mongrels. What you're looking here is one of STARTECH's creations and this is how an ultra luxurious Range Rover converted into a sport utility truck.

To be showcased at the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show, STARTECH, a division of Brabus, managed to chopped the roof down and convert this uber-luxury SUV into a sport-utility truck. It's not just limited to such a bizarre conversion because it also comes with a widebody kit, 23-inch wheels, new suspension, custom exhaust, new interior, and an upgraded 5.0L supercharge V8 creating 526HP of power output.

When completed, it will be classified as a commercial vehicle rather than a luxury SUV, so import prices come cheap but in the meantime, it remains a show car set for its Shanghai debut so dream on.


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