Friday, May 1, 2015

Come and meet your toy "sestras"

Yes, these are the Leda clones as seen from the hit BBC America TV series, Orphan Black, and although they both have the same faces, not to mention the actress who played those clones, their personalities are different and thanks to our friends from HOT TOPIC, you can take home these Funko Pop vinyl figures of the Clone Club from the show.

Yes, these are available exclusively at Hot Topic for 12.50 US Dollars each plus tax, but I bought four of these "sestras" because, well, they really are the Clone Club after all and I do deserve a piece of Orphan Black in my home ever since I got into the Clone Club craze.

That's Sarah Manning, the main character of the TV show. Upon witnessing a horrible subway accident that killed a woman who turned out to be just like her, Sarah is on a deadly mission to uncover the truth behind her origins, even if it takes to keep her daughter Kira from the dangers that surround her. She knows the art of cloneswapping and she can disguise herself as one of the clones she encountered. Amazing.

This is Alison Hendrix and she is a housewife, a very desperate housewife who is not afraid to aim a firearm at you and also torturing backstabbing husbands with a glue gun. Remember that episode? Well, you get the idea but in the past, she tries to figure out what in the world her husband, Donnie, is up to, but things got spiralled out of control. Alison watched her neighbor Aynsley choked to death, Donnie accidentally killed Dr. Leeke of the Dyad Institute and hid his corpse under the garage of their home, now they're trying to hide from the world that they're alleged murderers.

That's Cosima Niehaus, the smart one who helped the Clone Club uncovering the truth about themselves. As every viewers knew, Cosima's more of a lesbian geek because of her relationship with a French woman who turned out to be one of Dyad's, Delphine Cormier, but despite her love affair, Cosima's fighting against a respiratory disease that threatens her life completely. Oh, and did I mention she can beat you in any board game you know?

Lastly, that's Helena, a merciless weapon of carnage who thinks she's the original but she's the identical twin of Sarah who was separated at birth and raised by Ukrainian nuns. Sarah thought she killed her at the end of the first season but she survived and later, she got abducted and pregnated by a religious cult known as the Proletheans. Upon escaping from them, the two sestras met each other again after killing one of Rachel Duncan's henchmen, but their hearts are starting to soften and Sarah will do everything to keep this vile woman safe from harm. Contrary to her violent nature, Helena's more of a glutton and she'll eat just about everything.

Anyway, that's all I can tell about my new favorite characters, but with these Pop vinyl figures modeled after them, it's great to know that you had a piece of Orphan Black in your collection. Having the entire Clone Club in your home is like you're keeping them as your property, your toy, your experiment, and your weapon. Property refers to Sarah, toy refers to Alison, experiment refers to Cosima, and weapon refers to Helena. Wouldn't it be nice to have the sestras together?

Like I said, these are available exclusively at Hot Topic for 12.50 US Dollars each plus tax and you can have a slice of your favorite Project Leda sestras from the show. Whether if you're as brave as Sarah, as desperate as Alison, as smart as Cosima, or as deadly as Helena, these are the ones to buy!

Which sestra will you pick?

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