Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Doctor Who Series 8 Original Television Soundtrack

The eighth series of BBC's phenomenal TV show, Doctor Who, sees the maiden voyage of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor alongside Jenna Coleman reprising her companion role as Clara Oswald and over the course of the eighth series, which aired late last year, we seen them taking on a bigger threat at Victorian London, encountered a Dalek with a different personality, teaming up with Robin Hood, delving deeper on Danny Pink's past and future selves, staging a robbery at the Bank of Karabraxos, saving Coal Hill from the Skovox Blitzer robots, uncover the monster lurking in the moon, stopping the mummy from terrorizing the futuristic Orient Express, solving the mystery behind the walls, going through the London wilderness, and it all ends with a face-off against an army of Cybermen and a mysterious woman named Missy, who is revealed to be none other than The Doctor's arch nemesis, The Master. Oh, and there was last year's Christmas special where The Doctor and Clara had a fateful encounter with Father Christmas himself.

The eighth season really is a brilliant start for the 12th and so is the music prepped for the whole series. Now, you can finally listen to Series 8 background musics whenever you like with the original soundtrack where most of the music was crafted by the BAFTA-winning Murray Gold himself and performed by the ever-talented BBC National Orchestra of Wales. This three-disc compilation is a must have for every Whovians who witnessed the 12th Doctor's maiden voyage from saving Victorian London to his encounter with Santa Claus.

You have everything you need so, as what the Twelve says, shut up. Buy this OST anytime you want.

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