Thursday, May 28, 2015

FH2 Storm Island: The Gauntlet

To race further events in Forza Horizon 2's Storm Island, you must first clear a much difficult challenge called the GAUNTLET. In Gauntlet races, you'll be racing on point-to-point races at nighttime with some hurricanes blowing you away. These events are challenging but you must place first in the car provided in the event and not only you'll advance to the next tier of events in Storm Island, you can sometimes keep the car with no charge.


In the first Gauntlet race, you'll be driving a Robby Gordon Stadium Super Truck and like I said, you must place first in the car provided in the event to proceed to the next tier. The Stadium Super Truck is the perfect offroad machine suitable enough to adapt through Storm Island's rough terrain but if you're looking for speed, it might disappoint you as its 3-speed gearbox will only lead you to top speeds of over 110mph unless major improvements have been done to the player. Despite the sluggish performance, its offroad capability will surely destroy every opponent in Storm Island if you have the guts to master it.

Now, it's time to find out how good the Super Truck is as I'm taking on my first Gauntlet race.

I survived my first Gauntlet race. I finally advanced to the next tier and I got to keep this Stadium Super Truck at no charge! Woo-hoo! With my next tier ready for action, the journey to the the Island Finale continues.

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