Saturday, May 16, 2015

FH2 Storm Island: Range Rover revisited


As you may recall, this is the Range Rover that is part of Forza Horizon 2's NAPA Chassis Car Pack and yes, I used that car in previous championships a few moments ago so why am I driving it again? It's simple because since I'm in a middle of my Storm Island journey, I used this car again to test out its offroad capability that most offroaders do when things get dirty.

Since the championship that I'll be taking involves more of SUVs like this, I decided to try it out and continue my road to the Island Finale.

rr (2)

I am not changing my low-vis Eli Ayase design that I just made for the Range Rover, which is very fitting for this full-size SUV, but instead I fettled with the performance by adding specially-made parts suitable for Storm Island challenges such as rally tires, rally suspension, and low-range gearbox. Right now, this is much slower than my previous one I used while on the road to the Horizon finale but it feels so offroad-capable.

Now, it's time for the show!

Elichika may not forgive me for what I did but the Range Rover is very happy, knowing that its off-road capabilities have been put to greater use.

With the Range Rover wins the championship I've just signed up, my road to the Island Finale is drawing nearer and the journey continues...

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