Sunday, May 31, 2015

Forza Horizon 2: Clio RS EDC, One More Time

When the Renault Clio RS 200 EDC arrived on Forza Horizon 2 via a Mobil 1 Car Pack in October, I was very happy to try out the latest version of Renault's compact hot hatch, which is based on the current-generation Clio (Lutecia in the Japan Market). Despite its stupid double clutch gearbox that plagued most hot hatch loyalists alike, it's still a great car to master because of its easy-to-handle dynamics. Because I've enjoyed so much about this hot Clio, I decided to try it again only this time with some added twist.

Trying to comply with 220 Trophy standards, I tried to improve my Clio to meet its standards enough to behave like the latest Clio RS 220 Trophy, which is a hardcore, more powerful version of the Clio RS 200 EDC.

Apart from meeting its Trophy standards, and I'm still in the middle of serving up presents for THE iDOLM@STER's 10th birthday, the Clio RS EDC is now under the wraps of the Futami sisters, Ami and Mami. On one side, there's Ami, and on the other side, that's Mami. There's your challenge, producers of the world, because in my mind, Futami sisters wanted to be in a hot hatch and this one's make the cut. This is much more fun to drive than listening to the ESTi remix of Go My Way. Trust me. I made this wrap to win back drivers-can-be-producers from getting migrated to be Lovelivers. Ugh, why did I say that?!

Anyway, I chose Sisteron as the venue for the championship where my improved Clio is taking on but first, a road trip from Nice to Sisteron.

And now, some highlights of the battle of the Hot Hatches in Sisteron where my Clio's taking on...

The Clio has won the Sisteron Hot Hatch championship and it's all because of its healthy balance of performance and aerodynamics, as well as my Ami Mami wrap I made for the Clio, that can really win the day.

clio (3)

There's so much paths to cross here on Forza Horizon 2, even familiar paths than can be revisited any time. So, as my Clio ticks itself, my work is never done. My journey still continues on...

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