Friday, May 15, 2015

Mercedes-AMG C63 (W205)

As AMG saloons are getting turbocharged, it seems that the C63 has been the only saloon left behind because of its natural aspiration 6.2L V8 engine that deserves no explanation. Sure, most saloons got stuck with the soon-to-be-replaced 5.5L V8 BiTurbo or V12 BiTurbo for the S65 but for the C63, it just like a boy who is the only boy in the sibling of girls. Happily, however, there's a brand new version and it's going to be more promising than ever...sorta.

2015 Mercedes-AMG C63

2015 Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate

For starters, the V8 engine is now turbocharged but due to the trends of downsizing, it's now a 4.0L V8 BiTurbo engine like you get in the Mercedes-AMG GT sportscar. The old C63 AMG can do 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds but in the range-topping S model, the 0-100kph is now four seconds! The top speed is electronically limited to 250kph but if you opt for the AMG Driver's Package, you can have the limit raised to 290kph. That's more than what the old C63 would do.

So, how did they managed to get that much speed at so little engine of that size? Like we studied from the AMG GT, it's all about science and determination and for the conservative few, the new model has transformed from the whole "what a lovely day" insanity to a "what a nice day" sublimeness and it's now becoming more mature as what teenagers get during puberty.

On the normal roads, it feels as civilized as what a luxury car do in a day-to-day basis. It's nicer to drive, it's comfortable, and it's less showy than the old one. On the open roads, it works well like a gran tourer with four doors. And on the track, this car really wants to play idol with its dynamic character that wows the crowd on the stage. It's all thanks to its AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension and the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT which allows the driver to select different driving modes depending on the situation and when in its max attack mode or RACE mode, you can really make this car dance like a superstar on stage but it can be as thrilling as seeing disturbing images and videos shared on Facebook for no reason. It's like when you start Facebook, all you can start seeing is posts that are too boring to read and then when you keep digging deeper, you are encountering the most disturbing ones that posters want to share it to almost everyone. That sounds creepy but you can really feel your heart pumping faster than you think.

It is a very thrilling ride but since it's a four-door saloon (or a five-door estate should you choose the more spacious C63 Estate), it feels more lively to drive with on the normal roads. It's even great to drive one at your nearest groceries but most people will think you're more of a blockhead rather than being an ordinary salaryman. On the inside, it's like you're in charge of the office with everything at your disposal.

The base version of the AMG C63 starts at 76,101 Euros for the saloon and 77,767 Euros for the Estate version but the S version begins with 84,371 Euros for the saloon and 86,037 Euros for the Estate version. Yes, that sounds a lot of money and they're more expensive than the BMW M3 sedan or the Audi RS4 Avant but the performance for the new versions are well-balanced and that's something that these rivals clenching their teeth on and thanks to science, the new C63 is more of a gentlemen's feast served by a serial killer with his killer looks. Tasty...

Photo: Mercedes-Benz AG

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