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Orphan Black Original Television Soundtrack & Original Television Score

Orphan Black Original Television Score

Orphan Black Original Television Soundtrack

Aired on BBC America since 2013, Orphan Black is a pulse-pounding sci-fi drama series revolves on the tale of Sarah Manning (played by Tatiana Maslany) as she sets on a deadly mission to uncover her origins upon witnessing the death of a woman who looks like her at a subway. This is the series that turned Tatiana Maslany from a newbie actress into one of the most fiercest females on television not just for being Sarah but also the clones such as the desperate housewife Alison Hendrix, intellectual Cosima Niehaus, the very lethal Helena, and Rachel Duncan, among many others. However, it's not just the actress who managed to pull off multiple roles at the same time, it's the explosive storyline that delivers an estranged cast of characters, the most suspense, the most thrills, the most plot twists, and the most fans who called themselves the Clone Club. Everyone's got in the edge of their seats upon watching the hit TV series, knowing what's next for Sarah and the other surviving Project Leda sestras.

For the first time, two soundtracks from the hit BBC America TV series have arrived. First, there's the Original Television Soundtrack which features the Orphan Black theme tune by Two Fingers as well as the compilation of songs as heard from the series. Second, there's the Original Television Score featuring the background musics from the TV show made possible by Trevor Yuile himself.

These two soundtracks from Orphan Black will get you through like piercing Rachel's left eye with a pencil or torturing Donnie with a glue gun so enjoy your wait...I mean, enjoy your easy listening because "you're damn right" about enjoying these two soundtracks from the show. Get it? You're damn right.

Orphan Black airs on BBC America. Check local listings.

TRACK LISTING (Soundtrack):

1. Theme From Orphan Black – Two Fingers (0:36)
2. Rain Of Gold – Young Empires (3:16)
3. It Ain’t You – The Ettes (2:23)
4. Earthforms – Matthew Dear (3:33)
5. Mon Ton Ton – Humans (4:38)
6. Shuggie – Foxygen (3:21)
7. Bitch – Merideth Brooks (4:13)
8. Blame Fiction – The Belle Game (3:51)
9. Live In The Bedroom – Tim Moxam (4:53)
10. Head Over Heels – Tears For Fears (4:15)
11. Crazy – Diana Salvatore (3:14)
12. When I Was Abroad – Daniel Romano (2:16)
13. West End Sky – Elliott Brood (2:39)
14. Love Is All Around – The Troggs (3:01)


1. Orphan Black Theme – Two Fingers (0:38)
2. Previously On (1:07)
3. Kira’s Cue (1:47)
4. We Meet Helena (1:48)
5. Organic Eggs (2:32)
6. Duncan’s Demise (2:00)
7. Unconditional Surrender (2:07)
8. Kira & Intervention (3:06)
9. They’re Killing Us (1:42)
10. An Honour (2:55)
11. Cosima’s Treatment (1:45)
12. Alison Kills (3:20)
13. Marriage of Helena (2:14)
14. I Killed Ainsley (0:49)
15. Seqeunce of Events (1:32)
16. Cosima’s Dying (0:57)
17. Farewell Thomas (1:17)
18. Rachael Meets Duncan (1:31)
19. Maggie Chen Crime Re-enact (3:58)
20. Rachael’s Home Videos (1:40)
21. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (7:19)

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