Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Suzuki Spacia - 2016 minor change

2016 Suzuki Spacia

2016 Suzuki Spacia Custom

Two years ago, Suzuki replaced the Palette kei minivan with the Spacia, in two different flavors ranging from the plain but normal model and the spunky Spacia Custom. Both of them have best-in-class fuel economy benefitted by Suzuki's fuel-efficient technologies that its rivals can't keep up as well as cutting-edge safety features that make them a class apart from its rivals.

Now, they've launched improved versions of both models for the 2016 model year and apart from their updated looks, their class-leading fuel economy has been improved to 32.0km/L by JC08 Mode standards, thanks to the revolutionary S-ENE-CHARGE system that assists the 660cc R06A engine's acceleration with a motor by adopting the Integrated Starter Generator and a Li-ion battery that specifically made for this system.

2016 Suzuki Spacia interior

2016 Suzuki Spacia Custom interior

Apart from the added fuel economy, the 2016 minor change features, for the first time, a dual camera brake support system, which detects the vehicle and pedestrians from about 5kph in the speed range of about 100kph and to avoid collisions, the automatic braking feature triggers with the alarm and then it stops. Other features in this new system include a lane departure warning function, and a stagger alarm function, among many others. This new feature is an optional extra for all models.

The Spacia now starts from 1,274,400 to 1,503,360 Yen for the normal models while Custom models start from 1,528,200 to 1,762,560 Yen.

Photo: Suzuki Motor Corporation

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