Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Forevermore ending

The show Forevermore has became a phenomenal hit with fans not just in the Philippines but also the rest of the world via TFC and they just can't get enough seeing how the Xagnes love story, which in the case of Xander (played by Enrique Gil) and Agnes (Liza Soberano), starting to unfold from the start to the finish.

Now, here comes the ending of Forevermore everyone's been talking about. In the finale, we saw Xander and Agnes stranded in the middle of nowhere during a sudden downpour. While stranded in the middle of nowhere, Agnes began telling the truth to Xander, about how she felt when he left him, about how she met Jake, and how she overcome during Xander's departure. Meanwhile, everyone at La Presa's worrying about these two.

When the rain stopped and the sun shines, the people of La Presa finally found Xander and Agnes safe and sound. Meanwhile, upon arriving at the hotel, Xander tells the truth to everyone at the board, including his mother and his grandmother. Upon telling the truth, he exposed that the San Juans are held responsible for sabotaging La Presa's water supply and therefore arrested for their charges.

Meanwhile, Papang (Joey Marquez) gave Agnes some allowance for her trip to Japan and knowing how much she's grown. Agnes felt the same too, knowing that she's free to do whatever she wants. As for the people of La Presa, they're feasting about Jake and Agnes' departure. Agnes shares some of her memorable moments while living in La Presa.

As for Xander, he explains about his love for Agnes to his friend Alex (Erich Gonzales) and Alex felt even more emotional upon knowing about Xander's feelings towards Agnes. After his chat with Alex, Xander rushed to La Presa to find Agnes but Papang told that Agnes left.

Agnes left wondering at the countryside during a rainfall and when Xander encountered her, he has sworn that he will never make the same mistake to Agnes and he will always be there to her forever. When Agnes showed Xander the ring, he threw it away, knowing that love isn't about twin strawberries, Xander showed the ring to Agnes and then goes his four little words "will you marry me?". Agnes happily says yes!

Forevermore ending

This concludes the story of Forevermore.

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