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Over the course of THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS anime series, which is based on the popular mobile game of the same name, we delve deeper into the hearts and minds of the idols who are part of 346 Productions' Cinderella Project as they undergo their dramatic transformations from average teenage girls into the most famed idols a strict producer could ever hoped for. The Cinderella Project is composed into six groups and each comes with a CD for you to collect and discover who these girls really are.


First, there's LOVE LAIKA which is a idol duo consists of Minami Nitta (CV: Aya Suzaki) and Anastasia (CV: Sumire Uesaka), and they're performing their song called Memories.

Rosenburg Engel

Then, Ranko Kanzaki (CV: Maaya Uchida) goes solo under her idol name "Rosenburg Engel" and the song you'll be hearing from her is -LEGNE- 仇なす剣 光の旋律.

CANDY ISLAND Happy x2 Days

Next up, it's the turn of Anzu Futaba (CV: Hiromi Igarashi), Kanako Mimura (CV: Yuka Otsubo), Chieri Ogata (CV: Naomi Ohzora) who called themselves CANDY ISLAND and they are performing the song they called Happy x2 Days.

Decoration LET'S GO HAPPY!!

Spearheaded by Rika Jougasaki (CV: Nozomi Yamamoto), Kirari Moroboshi (CV: Rei Matsuzaki), and Miria Akagi (CV: Tomoyo Kurosawa), the group Decoration are singing their very own song they called LET'S GO HAPPY!!

*(Asterisk) ØωØver!!

The idol duo *(Asterisk), comprising of Miku Maekawa (CV: Natsumi Takamori) and Riina Tada (CV: Ruriko Aoki), are performing the song titled ØωØver!!

new generations

And finally, the star characters of THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS; Uzuki Shimamura (CV: Ayaka Ohashi), Rin Shibuya (CV: Ayaka Fukuhara), and Mio Honda (CV: Sayuri Hara), formed together by the producer himself and called "new generations" and as heard from the mid-season finale of the CINDERELLA GIRLS anime series, it's the song called できたてEvo! Revo! Generation!

Each CD costs 1296 Yen and inside, you can expect their titular songs, their own version of 夕映えプレゼント, and a Magic Hour short drama where listeners like you can get to know more about your favorite 346 Productions idols.

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