Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Mad Max Concepts that never were

Mad Max Fury Road has finally hit theaters and the iconic Ford Falcon "Interceptor" has once again revving its "last of the V8s" to the hearts and minds of moviegoers and car enthusiasts alike but aside from the added rave, there are some rants going on about the film and also come those Mad Max Concepts we saw four years ago never saw the light of day?

2011 Ford Mad Max Concept

2011 Ford Mad Max Concept

It all started back at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne when Ford Australia and Top Gear Australia held a competition where thousands of car enthusiasts from all over the Pacific where they have to vote which will be the next Mad Max Interceptor and there goes the two possible candidates. These two would-be candidates for the Mad Max Interceptor have designed by Ford and Top Gear AU to help celebrate the revival of the Mad Max franchise.

The first one was designed by Nima Nounan and the second one is designed by Simon Brook. These two Interceptors are the product of their endless imagination, cutting-edge technology, and cunning weaponry. They are equipped with industrial-strength weaponry like tasers mounted in the front of the cars to fend off enemy bikers. It also comes with a titanium-lined body shell to interrupt police scanners and wheels with extendable spikes to shred off the tires from hostile vehicles.

The staff from Ford Australia's R&D spent numerous hours which gained a strong media following in other countries and Top Gear AU has followed the progress of the would-be future Interceptors from the concept stage to the Computer Aided Designed. They've even documented it in the magazine where readers being asked to vote on which concept they prefer.

Sadly, with Top Gear Australia gone and Ford's Australian division will cease their production operations within a few years, these two Mad Max Interceptor concepts never seen the light of day but at least, these product of their imaginations are worthy of being a tribute to Mad Max's iconic car that fights to its last drop of petrol.

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