Sunday, May 3, 2015

Trying out the whole "how old are you" thing

A few days ago, computer giant Microsoft shook the world with their new age-guessing site called "How Old Do I Look" and what this experimental website does is simple, it can determine how old a person is via facial recognition. Although the results turned out to be true (or false), this new age-guessing site is just one of the things they can say that the future is now thanks to science.

It all started when the boffins are making a demo for their Build2015 developer conference hosted by Microsoft, showcasing how developers can create smart apps using Azure services. With their face detection API's, they created an age-guessing website which lets users upload pics and have the API determine the age and gender of any faces recognized in that picture. As for those who are worrying, Microsoft don't store photos, nor sharing them after this.

There's been some madness about this thing because a few days ago, this site determines the age of manga creator Hirohiko Araki and according to the age-guessing site, he looks 27 years old although in truth, he's 54 (55 this year). Fans think he's an immortal vampire because of his ageless youthful face.

Anyway, without further ado, I decided to try this myself. Last night, I took a picture of myself and while the results are calculated, I was shocked to see how old I really am...

I was 44 but I was 24 years old!

On the next day, I tried it again, only this time, I took off my glasses and this is my result;

21? Nope, not even close.

Anyway, we tried with various pics I've rummaged through my home and the results turned out to be mixed. I've even tried it on my whole family. Some got it right, some got it wrong, but no matter.

I'm starting to believe that science is so amazing that there is now something that can determine how old are we really are but as for me, no matter how old are we, it's the actions that can determine our age, not this one because this is just plain rubbish.

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