Tuesday, June 9, 2015

FH2 Storm Island: Storm Island's only Barn Find


As you progress through Storm Island, you will receive a rumor that there's a barn find hidden somewhere in Storm Island. The problem is, unlike all the barn finds you've encountered so far, doesn't have an exact location. There are some options, you can use your Storm Island knowledge to find that legendary machine lurking beneath the island's depths or purchase the Treasure Map add-on to find it.

Sadly, I spent some dollars on the Treasure Map which, for some new to this game, will reveal all locations of speed cameras, speed traps, boards, and barn finds. According to the Treasure Map, the Barn Find in question is northeast and it's less than two miles from the Horizon Hub.


Known to be one of the maddest Group B monsters ever made, the 6R4 is, like its namesake, is a 4WD rally car powered by a 3.0L V6 engine mounted in the middle, with some bits from Cosworth. It was mated with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

When it was launched in 1985, the Austin Rover Group announced that they would complete the necessary number of cars required for homologation by November of that year. It was participated in the 1985 Lombard RAC rally and finished 3rd, behind two Lancia Deltas.

Sadly, even though the 6R4 participated in numerous rally events in Europe during the 1986 season, none of them managed to complete a course and that's because of the V6 engine's teething issues and when it signalled the end of Group B rallying  at that year, due to numerous casualties, its rallying days are well and truly over.

Little did you know that the engine that powers the 6R4 is the similar engine that powered the legendary Jaguar XJ220 supercar, this time with added turbos. Useful bit of history lesson there.

metro (2)

The 6R4 may have an ill-fated story but it's time for the unsung hero to make a name for itself as I've signed this car up for a championship targeted for Group B monsters like this and since I'm in the progress to finish Storm Island in my terms, this championship is just one of the stepping stones I'm taking on if I want to progress on the Island Finale.

This is has got to be one of the best Group B machines I have ever drove in Storm Island but despite its compact sizing, it requires the skills of a veteran driver to tame this unsung monster because this car can bite you if you're not careful. You have to stay sharp and act fast when it comes to mastering the 6R4's hidden potential as a rally car.

That's the tip I'm giving it to you when you spot one but nevertheless, the 6R4 became the star in its own right after winning the championship and with just a few championships left before the Island finale, the journey continues.

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