Sunday, June 21, 2015

Forza Horizon 2: The Camaro Z/28's all about precision


This is the lightweight Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 and this is more than just a lightweight muscle car, it's a GT3 RS edited for rednecks. It may have a seven-litre V8 motor straight from the old Corvette C6 Z06 but the Z/28 is all about precision and agility rather than power. First, this car has gone a little Jenny Craig and a little Zumba on the bodywork so it lost 300lbs of its weight. and then some aerodynamic upgrades to keep the Z/28 sleek and smooth as a baby's buttocks. It's no wonder it lapped round the Nurburgring faster than the more powerful ZL1 model, the Lexus LFA, or even the Ferrari 458.

z28 (2)

In the world of Forza Horizon 2, well since this car is part of the Duracell Car Pack, the Z/28 really works it magic and even though its V8 "motor" produces less than its powerful opposition, it can still cut it through the bends in a tangible manner. It may not be a quick car on the straights but it actively eats any opponents alive with its lightweight bodywork and its uncanny characteristics. Despite having a more sophisticated suspension setup, drivers need to have a natural talent and skills to master the Z/28's dynamic character.

It's no wonder that despite being stodgy, old, and went out of production, it's still a muscle car that can keep up with the Joneses. You can think of Z/28 as Jared from the Subway commercials in every tangible manner...but for me, I have a special treatment for the Z/28 since I was thinking more of a tribute for the fifth-generation Camaro.

z28 (3) z28 (4) z28 (5)

What I have done to the Z/28 is simple, I've themed it after one of your favorite iM@S gals, Hibiki Ganaha. Yes, you get the idea but Hibiki's kind of gal you would want to take her to the beach and savour every moment 'till the sun sets. Lovely, isn't it? In my mind, a certain Hibiki Ganaha likes a petrolhead-slash-producer who's interested in American muscle cars, something he would date her somewhere in...let's just say, Yoko Yokohama Yokosuka. No wait...that's totally inappropriate, isn't it?

Anyway, apart from the Hibiki-themed I made for the Z/28, some major improvements have been made and rather than focusing on POWERRRR, I decided to keep it as light as possible because being the Z/28, agility and precision is the key points to create a GT3 RS edited for rednecks.

Let's see how good is the Z/28 when I booked this one for a championship held at Sisteron.

Although a little messy race as it turns out, it's been proven that despite the sluggish power, the Z/28 is all about precision and agility no other muscle car has ever done...well, maybe the newer Corvette Z06 has done it because it's the better Chevy I have ever drove in this game but nevertheless, I made the Z/28 proud and smiled like the sun shining beyond the blue horizon.

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