Thursday, June 4, 2015

Forza Horizon 2: F82 M4 Encore

I already tried the BMW M4, which is part of Forza Horizon 2's Falken Car Pack, but because of so much interest for this car, I decided to give BMW's hardcore 4-Series Coupe an encore performance it deserves but now with some added twist.

In my past encounter with the M4 in FH2, I once outfitted it with Silber colors from AC-ZERO and then, we accomplished a certain championship somewhere in San Giovanni. Now, I am using it again, only this time, it's taking on a Super Saloons championship in Saint-Martin and now, as promised, well, while I'm still in the process of celebrating iDOLM@STER's 10th anniversary, the BMW M4 has been outfitted in Yukiho Hagiwara's colors. It's fitting because some say, turbocharging's for the weak, but who cares?

The reason why my M4 is outfitted in Yukiho's signature colors is because her personality is well-suited for the M4 because of its turbocharging and power steering but once I set it up right, she has a lot of character to show from her opposition. To find out if she's going to dig a moat with a shovel or not, I'm on a mission to push my Yukiho-fied M4 to the limit.

Road Trip:

Championship Races:

Who says she's going to dig her way underground even on asphalt? Not on here she don't because she's showing some confidence and when everyone saw their cars being overtaken by an M4 with some unexpected colors in it, they've gone mad with it!

I hope you'll like the hard work I've done for your M4.

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