Monday, June 29, 2015

Forza Horizon 2: The Widowmaker!

If this were a Jeopardy question, it would look like this; This hybrid-engine wielding supercar incorporates all the technological know-how and its motorsports roots from McLaren's history. The correct response; What is the McLaren P1?


That's right. The P1 maybe a darn hybrid but it is the hypercar that gave birth to a new breed of hypercars; a breed where cars like the more powerful LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder have emerged from their cocoons of engineering. With the 3.8L Twin Turbo V8 engine bolted with an electric motor; it produces 903HP of power and 664lb-ft of torque, meaning that this is a fast machine that is more trickier than playing against a thousand-plus combo song of your rhythm-based app game from your smartphone. Yep, more trickier that furiously tapping combos while listening to a song you're not familiar with.

The P1 is a rear-wheel drive and the only significant weight is the air passing over the body and trying to max out the P1 is a hyperspace fury; step on it and you're gone. With such feral speed, power, and handling, it's a sure way the P1 is not designed for everyone; it's made for the chosen elite who are willing to risk everything in the pursuit of speed. It really is a "widowmaker" after all.

To prove how much of a "widowmaker" the P1 is, I've booked one for a championship somewhere at Saint-Martin and the reason why Saint-Martin is becoming my favorite part of FH2 is because something with the word "Ridge" on it because when I said "Ridge", it kinda reminds of the Ridge Racer games they used to play when they were young. But first...


Although no further improvements have been made because it was optimized in the first place, I had a little makeover with the P1 and what you see here is kinda similar to McLaren Special Operations' P1 themed after famed Formula One legend Alain Prost. Not my best replication so far but some guys managed to mimicked the special P1 Prost from the real world just to pretend what's like to drive a very one-off McLaren in their own hands.

Anyway, with my very own "P1 Prost" ready, the battle commences;

Now that really is a "widowmaker" but I managed to survive and won while driving the ultra-powerful McLaren P1, a hybrid hypercar that opens a new chapter in the history of motoring. Although terrifying to drive from the start because of such massive power and torque as well as its extreme dynamics only the best drivers can master, the P1 is a proud British knight who lives under the code of knighthood. Any driver who lives under the code of knighthood can unleash the P1's potential if only they are prepared for it.

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