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How to dress as the emotions of Inside Out

Image: Disney

We all love the latest Disney Pixar flick called Inside Out and this animated movie pull all the right emotions just like the emotions themselves. From Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear, it has been one heck of an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Because we've enjoyed watching this animated family flick, we wonder what's like to be one of the emotions and find out how to be like them. Well, worry no more because it's time to list down the things you need to dress as your favorite emotions from Inside Out.

As Joy:

- First, your hair needs to be blue and short just like her's. If possible, shop for some short blue wigs which is essential for your Joy cosplay.

- Her outfit; she wears a lime-ish sleeveless one-piece dress. It takes luck to find a one-piece sleeveless dress similar to her's but if you shopped for one, congratulations.

- Joy doesn't wear shoes so good luck going barefoot, which is weird but this is the only way to bring out the best of your Joy cosplay.

As Sadness:

- Her hair is blue, just like Joy, but unlike Joy's, Sadness' blue hair is somewhat semi-long so it will be difficult to find a semi-long blue wig or better yet, improvise it.

- The tricky part to pull a Sadness cosplay or any other emotions that I will talk about it later is the body color. For Sadness, her body color is blue so you need is a blue body paint to cover your face and your hands.

- Sadness wears round eyeglasses but feel free to use any eyeglasses if you like.

- For the top, you need to have a white plain sweater which is similar to Sadness'. For the choice of trousers, your blue jeans straight from the closet might be your best bet.

- You can wear any shoes you like as long as the color is blue.

As Anger:

- Your head is going to be a liability for your Anger cosplay if you have hair but no matter. If you have a red body paint, you can splat it all over your head and your body. If you had hair, paint it red with a dye bought from your nearest beauty store. No worries.

- For the top, you need to wear some light red polo shirt and a necktie. You can use any necktie you want as long as their as reddish as Anger's. For the trousers, find something that is dark red.

- You can wear any kind of leather shoes as you like as long as their dark in color.

As Disgust:

- Ladies, the first step to dress as Disgust is her hairstyle and because Disgust's all green, the first thing you'll need is a green wig. Any size will do as long the color matches Disgust's.

- Yes, a green body paint really is a disgusting choice but if you want to be Disgust, there's no other way to do it. You need to have your entire body covered in green in order to bring out the best of your Disgust cosplay.

- Disgust's fashion style involves a fuschia-colored scarf to wrap on your neck, a green one-piece dress, a green waist belt to match your dress, some green trousers, and some purplish shoes. Have these in your shopping list, ladies.

As Fear:

- Like the Anger cosplay I've mentioned, the head is the tricky part for the Fear cosplay and so is the body paint because it's difficult to find a body paint that is purplish. If you can mix both the red and blue body paints, you can improvise your very own purple body paint, which is exactly what you need to paint some parts of your body purple. If you have hair, which is somewhat a problem, don't worry. Color it purple!

- Fear's outfit is somewhat intellectual ranging from a long-sleeved purple polo shirt, a black and white vest, a red bowtie, a dark purple trousers, and some dark leather shoes. Be sure to shop for one of these items if you need to dress as Fear.

And there you have it. As long as you dressed as your favorite Inside Out emotions, the key point you should need to do when it comes to dress as your favorite emotions; act according to their emotions! 

That's all. Dismissed.

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