Monday, July 20, 2015

Challenge: Genderbent Haruka Amami cosplay

With IDOLM@STER's 10th anniversary is proven to be a success, it's time for me to fire up my birthday present...

Well, not exactly what it is. Yes, this is me cross-playing as my favorite character, Haruka Amami. Although very embarassing to pull off for a guy like me, my first attempt as cross-dressing as my favorite im@s character is an honor because I'm somewhat of a clumsy person, that's what I think of...

The venue is Seattle's Chinatown where I am taking part of the annual Seafair Chinatown Parade as part of the Team Sakura-Con cosplayers. Couple of problems, no one knows my outfit is but it doesn't really matter to me because I'm here to have fun.

Me and the gal dressed as Pokemon XY's Braixen.

Sadly, the arrival of certain Lovelivers made my Haruka cosplay look easy and I concede by taking a pic with a gal dressed as Honoka. Hmmm...

Also another one dressed as Nico.

After several hours of meeting with the other cosplayers, the parade commences...

The parade stretches to certain parts of Seattle's Chinatown International District and all we ever did was waving hands to the thousands watching the parade.

After the parade, I got exhausted. Although my outfit needs a little work, it still is a brilliant outfit. I can't believe I managed to pull one off in the bag about the genderbent Haruka idea

And yet, sadly, it's time to end the story.

Looking back 10 years of iM@S, you ever have been other idol stuff that can steal its crown. You know, like Love Live, Aikatsu!, Pripara, any other idol stuff you know and remembered, but I don't think anyone has done this much to bring out the idol's character, to make them personalities in their own rights. Basically, I don't think anyone has better talents than the iM@S people; to give idols a place in the otaku hall of fame.

Thanks for reading, and goodbye.

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