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GM Korea Chevrolet The Next Spark

South Korea is the first nation to get the new-generation Spark, which will arrive in the USA in early 2016 and soon in other markets (except Europe because of Chevrolet's pullout in the EU market), and since the latest-generation Spark is built by Koreans, for Koreans, these people are lucky enough to gain early access to "The Next Spark", which is a compact car emerged from being a low-life Daewoo Matiz to a world-proven Spark that captured the global audiences, even first-timers.

2016 GM Korea Chevrolet Spark

2016 GM Korea Chevrolet Spark

Here it is, the latest version, and it's yours for an affordable 10,150,000 KRW (estimated 8,700 US Dollars), which is a smart buy for those who got themselves a driver's license for the first time but what do you get for this uber-cheap city car? For starters, the design looks not very premium-ish for the new model. The previous-model looks fine when kitted out with extras but for the new model, the design looks unpleasant for the Chevrolet, especially with its signature dual-port grille that has gone on the wrong side of the road by putting the Chevy badge to the top of the grille rather than the middle that mosts Chevys do. What retains from the previous model is the secret rear doors which makes it more of an occasion for the new car.

Since this is the Korean-spec new Spark, the only engine available for Korean customers is a newly-developed 1.0 SGE ECOTEC engine mated with either a 5-speed manual or a Next Gen C-Tech CVT gearbox. This small engine develops 75PS of power output and 9.7kg-m of torque, which isn't sounds like much but in the small car like this, it feels peppy and perky. There's also an optional feature where it can shut off its engine at a set of lights, capable of delivering a combined fuel economy of 15.7km/L.

2016 GM Korea Chevrolet Spark interior

Thanks to its aerodynamic design and enhanced chassis, the NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) has been improved, meaning that the new Spark delivers a best-in-class comfort unlike any other small cars in the market. This isn't half bad for a car suitable for first-time drivers but when it comes to your next barkada trip, you should better off with another car because even though it has seating enough room for your stuff and your mates, it's relatively small, meaning you can get bothered by people chit-chatting about what they saw on TV, what plans for the weekend, or any other blabbermouth your barkada might expect to ask.

What's also bizarre that this is the first-ever Chevy on sale to come with Apple Carplay which acts...just like your iPhone and that's it.

So, should you buy one? With the starting price of 10,150,000 KRW, yes, you can afford one but you have to spec it all out with some fancy stuff, including the CarPlay, to bring out the best to your city car, and since this car is ready to be sold in other markets soon, especially the Americas, this is one global car that deserves the credit of being a world-proven city car. Sadly, if you're European, you can't have one because of Chevrolet's pullout from the EU market but don't worry, the new Opel Karl/Vauxhall Viva compacts will supplant the Spark's EU demise. Look at this way, they're made in the same Korean factory, the same chassis, the same stuff, and the same behavior, despite their different appearances.

Available colors: Creamy Beige, Urban Titanium Grey, Blu-ray Blue, Carbon Flash Black, Blue Splash, Switchblade Silver, Mystic Violet, Fresh Lime Green, Solar Red, and Pure White

Photo: GM Korea Company

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