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How to dress as one of the 765PRO ALL-STARS idols


Nothing in the world of THE IDOLM@STER is more so than the 765PRO ALL-STARS because with so many installments come and go, you can't really beat the original idols because they're unique, they're great, and most of all, they are what you really called the poster girls, or idols, of the whole franchise for 10 years now. Of course, these idols are well-known for their wardrobe on their in-game and on-screen antics but hold it right there. Because of the array of wardrobe to choose from, cosplaying as a 765 Production idol is hard but happily, you don't need some fancy clothing to be a 765Pro idol, well for some. All you need is some hairstyle that correspond to your favorite 765 Pro idol!

As Haruka Amami: Haruka maybe more of a clumsy type but she's the best asset to the 765 Production. She would never give up even on her colleagues and the producer. Admittedly, being Haruka isn't such a bad idea on your next cosplay and before you can pull off some of the most iconic wardrobes in IM@S history, your hairstyle needs to be brown hair, short, and with two ribbons. Red ribbons are recommended but you can use any ribbon you like, just to replicate the Haruka Amami look. When done, feel free to use any outfit suitable for your Haruka Amami cosplay. An ideal recommendation includes the Forever Star outfit, the Starpiece Memories outfit, her school uniform from the first episode of the IM@S anime, her outfit from the anime DVD/Blu-Ray covers, and her luxury outfit. Oh, and please don't trip yourself like what Haruka does on her onscreen antics...

As Makoto Kikuchi: Makoto's the buttkicker of 765 Production and if I were you, I'd better be away from her because when singing is her second favorite thing, her first favorite is kicking your butt out. Don't say I've warned you but for the tough ladies out there who have a knack for iM@S, here's your chance. Just a short jet black hair should do the trick but to be Makoto, it's best to be outfitted with your favorite IM@S wardrobe of your liking.

As Chihaya Kisaragi: Chihaya Kisaragi devotes everything to music in a stoic manner. Despite her dark past, her voice is lyrical as an angel. That sounds a lot of love for her and being Chihaya is the one thing you would want for your next IM@S cosplay at a certain convention. Since Chihaya's hair is blue, a long blue hair should do the trick. With your long blue hair in possession, feel free to choose which wardrobe suits you. Recommendations include her signature luxury outfit, her winter outfit, or her outfit as seen in the anime DVD/Blu-Ray covers.

As Azusa Miura: Azusa Miura likes to do things at her own pace but she has qualities. Annoyingly, it's her big-chested physique that woos certain fans or maybe is her rather erotic voice? Who cares? Anyway, like we dealt with Chihaya's hairstyle, blue is the best color for your hairstyle but there are two options; you can go for the long hairstyle or for the short hairstyle. For ideal recommendation, go for the short hairstyle. That should do nicely. With the hairstyle at hand, feel free to choose which outfit you'll go for your Azusa Miura cosplay but the best idea would be the wedding dress with some petal of flowers covered. It's like she's running through a bouquet of flowers from a certain episode.

As Yayoi Takatsuki: Yayoi Takatsuki is a dependable part of the 765 Production and she's devoted to her big family. She also has a very cute personality that will capture the hearts of many fans. Becoming Yayoi sounds like hard work, right? Especially as cosplaying as her because to become her, all you need is a long orange hair and give it a twin-tail look but don't make the twintails too short. Just the right size of the twin-tails that matches Yayoi's. With your orange hair with the matching twintails, you can use whatever outfit you like that works well with your Yayoi cosplay.

As Ami or Mami Futami: Ami and Mami Futami are twins who love to make double trouble. As to cosplay either of the Futami twins, you can either do this alone or pair up with a buddy to pull off your Futami twins cosplay. One thing you need to aware is the tail of their hairstyles. The tail of Ami's hairstyle goes to her right while the tail of Mami's hairstyle goes to her left, just to avoid confusion between these two. If you already sorted out which one of the Futami twins will you cosplay or go on both with a mate, feel free to dress whatever you like, as long as it fits to your Ami or Mami cosplay.

As Yukiho Hagiwara: Yukiho Hagiwara's a bashful type of idol who lacks confidence but she's doing her best to change onstage. Cosplaying as her isn't a bit of a challenge when it comes to her hairstyle but when it comes to wardrobe, I'll leave the rest to you. Just be sure that the hairstyle you're looking for is somewhat of a tan or a light brown color because anything darker than that, you'll have to resort being Haruka. If you have the right color of the hairstyle that matches Yukiho's, you can choose any wardrobe you like.

As Miki Hoshii: Miki Hoshii is an idol who has endless potential but lacks motivation. Much to the popularity of this 765 Pro idol, dressing as her isn't an easy task, especially when you're looking for a hairstyle that matches her's. Just a long blonde hair should do the trick and if you got the right blonde hair for the job, try to find the costume that works well with your Miki cosplay. Recommendations include the My Dear Vampire outfit, the Starpiece Memories outfit from the IM@S movie, or even the one you saw from the anime's DVD/Blu-Ray covers.

As Takane Shijou: No idol in the world of anime is as nobler and more mysterious as Takane Shijou. Even though this idol has a secret she would never tell, most fans gone bedwetting every time they remember her. Sounds gross but she's very gorgeous onstage and on her personality that steals the hearts of many. Being Takane is good if you are a woman who has the face of an angel and the body of a supermodel but annoyingly, anyone can dress as Takane as long as the one in their dispersal is a long white hair you bought at your nearest wig shop. If you got the right hairstyle for your Takane cosplay, feel free to choose whatever outfit suits best. My recommendation includes the Dressy Alice outfit, the Forever Star from the final episode of the IM@S anime, a certain yukata, her outfit from the anime DVD/Blu-Ray covers, and to send fanboys wetting their pants on naptime, her signature luxury outfit. Nice!

As Ritsuko Akizuki: Despite her idoling past, Ritsuko Akizuki is a necessary member of 765 Production. Whether if she's a deputy producer on duty or a part-time idol when they need her help, her motherly instincts really give the idols a much-needed morale. Her hairstyle is a bit of a challenge because there are two styles to choose from but as a precaution, make sure your dark hair's not too short or else, you can't commence either of these two. Anyway, on her hairstyles; you can go for her braided twin tail look to reminisce her idol days or go for the messy bun hairstyle that matches her look. Best to go for her messy bun hairstyle right away because that's well recommended for your Ritsuko cosplay. Why not? To give you that bossy feeling as the right hand producer and part-time idol of 765 Production.

As Hibiki Ganaha: Hibiki's the kind of island girl who smiles like the sun shines. Believe it or not, she loves animals, especially her pet hamster named Hamzou. To be Hibiki, it's best to maintain your long black hair and if you lose it, you'd better off find a long black wig for yourself in case you chopped your hair off by accident. As for the hair accessory, you're free to do so but the ideal recommendation is a big, teal-colored, ribbon that fits perfectly well with your Hibiki cosplay. If you managed to sort out Hibiki's hairstyle, you're free to pick whatever outfit you can dress as long as it's related to IDOLM@STER.

As Iori Minase: Grew up from a family who had their hands full with a multinational conglomerate, Iori's the bossy boots of the pack despite her cute appearance. To become Iori, it's ideal that you have maintained a long brownish hair for a long period of time. If not, it's off to the wig shop to find a long brown hair for you. However, your long brown hair is not enough because there's one missing piece for your Iori cosplay; a pink headband. With the hairstyle set, you're free to pick whatever outfit suits your Iori cosplay.

And there you have it. Choosing which idol suits your personal preference on your next convention sounds like hard work but it's the heart that counts when it comes to decide which 765 Production idol will you cosplay and so is the wardrobe of your choosing. Whichever floats your boat, your love for all things IDOLM@STER is what's important.

765 PRO, FIGHT!!!

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