Friday, July 17, 2015

Meet the playable Pokemon on Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament

With the arrival of the brand-new Pokken Tournament, players of all ages are ready for the next battle where they can play as their favorite Pokemon fighting to become the winner. Made by the makers of the ever-popular Tekken fighting series, Pokken Tournament delivers a new twist of Pokemon battles as players need to pull the right combos and knock their rivals out of the stadium. So, let's get to know the Pokemon you'll get to play in this new fighting game.

Lucario - While lacking on the defense stats, Lucario makes up with its offensive power not just from physical but also long-range attacks. During the Diamond and Pearl years, Lucario is the secret weapon of Veilstone Gym Leader Maylene but in the world of XY, Shalour Gym Leader Korrina perfected the art of Mega Evolution, allowing her trusty Lucario to Mega Evolve. Now, in Pokken Tournament, here's your chance to unleash the raw power of Lucario by unleashing a barrage of attacks such as Aura Sphere, Extremespeed, and Bone Rush. You can even Mega Evolve Lucario to turn the tide of the battle.

Pikachu - Every Pokemon fan in the world loves Pikachu because it's not just Ash Ketchum's longtime partner in the anime series, it's the poster boy/girl of the franchise. In this game, Pikachu's a well-balanced fighter and it's easy to master even for newcomers. With attacks like the Thunderbolt, Thunder, Nuzzle, and Electro Ball, your ever-favorite Pokemon is your perfect starting point to learn the fundamentals of Pokken Tournament if you do it right.

Machamp - Machamp maybe slow but its attacks are catastrophically powerful enough to blow your opponents alive. Although its attacks like Cross Chop and Close Combat can be somewhat difficult to master, it takes to getting used to Machamp's offensive and to increase chances of defeating opponents in a jiffy, you can use Machamp's Bulk Up move to boost its offenses.

Gardevoir - In the Kalos League, Gardevoir is the top tier of Kalos Champ Diantha. In Pokken Tournament, here's your chance to try out this Psychic-and-Fairy-type Pokemon that has been the formidable choice of the Kalos champ. Long-range attacks are Gardevoir's specialty and take advantage of its attacks such as Psyshock, Stored Power, and Magical Leaf. You can even Mega Evolve Gardevoir to show who's boss.

Weavile - With its combination of speed and offense, this Dark and Ice type Pokemon is great if you want to unleash a combo full of high-speed attacks.

Suicune - This legendary Pokemon balances offense and defense at the same time because not only it uses a barrage of attacks such as Aurora Beam, Hydro Pump, and Blizzard, you can counterattack long-range attacks with Mirror Coat to inflict serious damage back at the opponent.

Charizard - This Fire-and-Flying-type Pokemon is the pride of Pokemon trainers and in Pokken Tournament, its pride rests in your burden as you will take advantage of its attacks such as Flamethrower, Fire Punch, and Flare Blitz. Mega Evolve it into Mega Charizard X and crushing your opponents with fire is easy as pie.

Gengar - It might look scary but Gengar's a formidable Pokemon you can take advantage of it. With moves such as Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch, and Lick, Gengar sure is a tough fighter for a start and when you Mega Evolve it, its long-range attacks are superbly strong and it takes skills to blow your opponents away.

...there are many Pokemon joining the roster of Pokken Tournament so watch for it on its future updates.


Image: Pokemon/BNEI

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