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Our 10 favorite iM@S costumes

Continuing on the 10th anniversary celebration of THE IDOLM@STER series, time to talk about the costumes. Costumes played a major role in the history of THE IDOLM@STER, whether if its in-game or as a DLC, no idol will ever be complete without the right costumes and it has been the benchmark of every iM@S fandom. Ask them which iM@S costume is their favorite and it's everyone's opinion. Time to list down our ten favorite iM@S outfits throughout the franchise, apart from their signature "luxury" outfits tailored specifically for the corresponding idols.

1) Forever Star - Appeared on the final episode of the iM@S anime series and available as a DLC on iM@S 2 and iM@S One For All, the Forever Star outfit is the embodiment of the 765 Production idol's hard work and determination and as a crowning achievement that their fame has risen to the summit to the very end. With the bluish looks and with stars embodied on the costume design, it's the ultimate favorite for those who are willing to cosplay as a 765 PRO idol.

2) Star Piece Memories - This outfit appeared in the heart-stopping climax of THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE and offered as a DLC outfit on THE IDOLM@STER One For All game. At first glance, you'll notice that the top of the costume looks similar to what the design patterns from Pokemon's Togepi or Togetic or Togekiss are but just like the Forever Star outfit, the Star Piece Memories outfit defines the crowning achievement done by a 765 PRO idol. Oh, don't worry. There are some people, mostly women, have ever pulled off cosplaying in this outfit so job done.

3) Dressy Alice - When this outfit appeared as one of the PS3-exclusive DLC outfits in THE IDOLM@STER 2, most owners of the XBOX 360 version got heavily disappointed why the producers made the move about planning to introduce more costumes in the PS3 version of iM@S 2. This is one of them and at first glance, I truly dislike it and I thought nobody are interested in outfits made for the PS3 version of iM@S 2 but I was wrong. Styled as a big twist to the popular Alice in Wonderland fairy tales, the Dressy Alice adds some wonderland zest to the 765 Pro idols and because it's proven to be very popular, most iM@S-loving cosplayers are willing to make one out for a change.

4) Symphony No. 765 - It's commonly called as the outfit seen in THE IDOLM@STER SHINY FESTA rhythm game, no one knows what that outfit is when they first saw one but when they made this outfit as a DLC on the PS3-exclusive IM@S OFA, players get a chance to try out for their idols. At this rate, there are a few cosplayers managed to pull off their Shiny Festa outfit but making one can be a difficult task because it takes some polka-dotted fabric with the corresponding color to mend it on your white boots, your white shirt with some buttons on it, your miniskirt, then you'll need some handmade cuffs and a color-coordinated bolero to complete the look. I don't know but the Symphony No. 765 outfit is still one of our favorite iM@S costumes in the list.

5) Prima Concerto - In the 7th anniversary concert three years ago, most of the seiyuus behind the 765 PRO idols have been outfitted with this special outfit made specifically for that concert and then in December of 2012, this 7th anniversary outfit is offered as a DLC on the PS3 version of iM@S 2.

6) Punkish Gothic - Since its offering as a DLC in the first iM@S XBOX 360 game, the Punkish Gothic adds some punk rock zest to the 765 Pro idols. Each idol has their own corresponding look to make it look individual. One popular example is Haruka Amami's Punkish Gothic outfit with its red and black mixture on her outfit fits perfectly well. This outfit is one of the most questionable outfits of all time and it's the one I got my eyes hooked on it because while the XBOX 360 version of THE IDOLM@STER 2 has one, the PS3 version never had one. That's a shame for the PS3 owners but luckily, the Punkish Gothic outfit managed to find solace to the PS3 owners as a DLC on THE IDOLM@STER One For All. Does it served justice to all? Close enough but who cares?

7) Check My Note - This outfit served as the cover outfit for the 765 PRO ALL-STARS in the PS3-exclusive THE IDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL game. It fits perfectly well with the song ONLY MY NOTE.

8) Flowerish Flowery - Offered as one of the first DLC outfits in the PS3-exclusive iM@S OFA game, this outfit offers a much floral feel to your favorite 765 PRO idol.

9) Laugh Time School - One of the most popular costumes in the history of IM@S, the Laugh Time School outfit mimics the look and feel of a typical summer schoolgirl to your favorite idol.

10) My Dear Vampire - The "My Dear Vampire" outfit remains one of the most popular outfits in the history of iM@S. Although a perfect halloween costume because of the gothic feel and the faux fangs and the other stuff fit for a vampire, it's also a perfect outfit to cosplay as one of the 765 PRO idols. Little did you know that Volks once offered those special My Dear Vampire outfits to Dollfie Dream owners, making it one of the perfect reasons to customize their Dollfie into their favorite idols in that particular outfit that leaves you saying "shanari shanari..."

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