Friday, July 24, 2015

The Oh My G! finale

In the finale of ABS-CBN's religious daytime drama program, Oh My G!, as Anne Reyes, the long-lost sister of the show's heroine Sophie Cepeda (played by Janella Salvador), got hospitalized again after their sisterly walk in the park, emotions sparked as Sophie, along with the people who are close to her including her Teacher-Ninang. Daddy-Ninong, and her friends, especially her former foes such as her Aunt Lucy and her cousin Miley, gathered as Anne Reyes says her final words. Sophie prays, everyone close to Sophie and Anne prays, and as the sudden appearance of G (as in God) appears, Anne Reyes's life is in a critical condition.

As prayers continue, G approaches to Anne Reyes and a few seconds later, a miracle happened. Anne's front of Sophie's eyes.

Moments later, Sophie and Anne went to her parents' graves to pay respects. While they were there, the two sisters talked about their experiences with G and how did their encounter with Him changed their lives forever. After their emotional conversation, the two sisters took themselves a groupie and when Sophie suddenly encountered G, at the very place where she first met Him, she felt thankful and sorry for losing her trust with Him. As she recalled her moments of pain and mercy, her trust in God made her matured through the outcome and learned something valuable not just for her but for everyone around her. As the two bid farewell, G told Sophie that He will always be at her heart.

As Sophie and Anne arrived home, everyone surprised her because it's her birthday. Everyone close to her greeted her a very happy birthday and as for the two boys who captured Sophie's heart, they have gifts for her, so is her sister Anne. After that, Sophie does her one last groupie with everyone around her.

The show ends as when Sophie got out from the cafe, she encountered G on the streets and said the title "OH MY G!".

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes the spiritual and wonderful story of OH MY G! Throughout this series, we have learned many things about family values, teen life, growing up, and most of all, trust in God. As we have trust in God, we have learned that we should never give up, stay true to yourself, find your true calling, and most of all, be merciful like the Lord.

Thank You and God Bless You.

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