Sunday, July 19, 2015

Things we learned from the iM@S 10th concert

July 18, 2015 was a big day for fans of THE IDOLM@STER series because them lucky ones rushed through the Seibu Prince Dome to attend the biggest IM@S concert of all time; the 10th anniversary concert known as THE IDOLM@STER M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD!! 2015. The first day of the concert sees the appearance of selected seiyuus behind members of the 765 PRO ALL-STARS while on the second day gets joined by the seiyuus behind the girls from the CINDERELLA GIRLS and MILLION LIVE.

It was an all-out performance, right until to the part where big announcements have been made. First off, and obviously a bad news to purists, the next IM@S game is heading to the PS4 very soon. Ps are skeptical about that move but a special clip shown to the audience shows that the next IM@S game will be even more better than the previous ones. Some say, the graphics are now 3D rendered and the art style's heavily improved. That's a lot of thought goes into that. Oh, and you can expect heavy changes to your favorite idols, including the series' poster girl, Haruka Amami, as well.

Another announcement that some IDOLM@STER outfits are heading to the Tekken games soon. No sure if it's Tekken 7 but we're hoping it is. Yes, we're still waiting when will Tekken 7 be ported for next-gen console use but our wishes to see our favorite female fighters dressed in iM@S outfits come true. It's like Asuka Kazama dressed as Makoto, Lili dressed as Miki, Xiaoyu dressed as Yayoi, yes! Our biggest fantasies came true!

Last, and but not the least, there's a new IM@S rhythm game coming, for the first time, on the PlayStation Vita and it features 10 years of IM@S songs to master in the new THE IDOLM@STER MUST SONGS, coming this winter.

With all these announcements, the immediate future of THE IDOLM@STER series is bright...and red. Very very red as Haruka Amami's ribbons!

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