Sunday, August 9, 2015

A wedding turned disaster in the latest #KiligPaMore!

What it should have been is the biggest, and rather the most expensive, wedding event in history but it turned into a nightmarish disaster in the latest Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving's kalyeserye #KiligPaMore.

Over a million Filipinos worldwide have been tuning in on Saturday's Eat Bulaga just to see how the wedding between Yaya Dub and Frankie Amoy Arinolli (Jose Manalo) turned into a complete the most hilarious fashion everyone's been laughing and crying in so many ways. 

That wedding occurred yesterday at a certain covered court was star-studded and everyone's invited. Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) was excited to see her Yaya Dub getting married to Frankie just to get the funding needed for the ransom. If that wasn't enough, Alden Richards' becoming desperate and he rushed to the wedding to the stop it. However, when it was the time to exchange vows, Yaya Dub inevitably fainted in front of the big audience!

With Yaya Dub fainted and taken to a certain place, the wedding that supposed to be a successful one turned into an epic failure and if that wasn't enough, Alden's too late to arrive to the scene and causing havoc to the wedding that was once ended in failure! Worse, he gets beaten up by Lola, her henchmen mostly called Rogelio, and Frankie.

Where is Yaya Dub now? What will Lola Nidora do now?! Is Frankie lost his sense because of his failed wedding? What's next for Alden? Keep watching Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving every weekdays to see what's next!

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