Saturday, August 29, 2015


On the August 28, 2015 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Istambay, Istambay Sa Looban, Si Eric na Cellphone ang Laruan, Tungkol Sa Buhay N'ya ang Usapan, Simulan na Natin Ang...LEVEL 1

- Water Delivery gags

- IKAW AT ANG INA takes on...FOMO.

- A Beautiful Interview between two women who knew politics very well...

- Bubble Gang does Bear Brand Sterilized Milk by spoofing this commercial as BEAR BLONDE STERILIZED MILK! Gabi-Gabi. Bawi sa Tibay.

- More words to live by with Tata Lino!

- Let's see what political promises Bote Botante has to say...

- Surgeons know how to deal with an operation...with music!

- #KlaroAngDiskarte brought to you by Sprite!

- Will one of the Bubble Gang survive Tsugi o Chorva?!

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