Thursday, August 20, 2015

FH2 Storm Island: The Gauntlet #03


If you happen that if you won eight championships in your Storm Island journeys, that means you have access to the third Gauntlet event and should you win this Gauntlet challenge, you can advance to the next tier and continue on your quest to the Island Finale. For this Gauntlet, you'll be driving a MINI Monster Energy ALL4 Racing X-Raid onto the East Valley Rush race. Like most Gauntlets you've faced, the severe weather conditions and nighttime may hamper your visibility, thus exercising extreme caution while driving through the rough terrains as you need to prioritize different strategies to outrun your opponents in such an extreme weather.

MINI's ALL4 Racing is based on the Countryman, which is one of my least favorite Minis ever, in an effort to challenge Mini in the world of the Dakar Rally. Powering this rally raid car is a 3.0L BMW Twinpower Turbo Diesel engine developing 320PS of power and 800Nm of torque. Top speed is around 180kph. The gearbox is a Sadev 6-speed low-range gearbox suitable for rally raid in mind while coupled with an AP Racing Clutch and a Xtrac differential. The brakes are air-cooled in the front and air and water cooled at the back. The chassis is made of spaceframe and carbon kevlar body, resulting to a weight of 1953kg. With all of the essential equipment armed and ready, the ALL4 Racing is a Mini perfect enough for the rough terrains it traverses.

Okay, now let's see how did I fare this MINI well in this Gauntlet challenge.

With this Gauntlet cleared, I now scored 9 wins and I need three more to access the Island Finale. I have to keep going...

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