Sunday, August 30, 2015

FH2 Storm Island: The Gauntlet #4


If you managed to score 11 wins during your survival on Forza Horizon 2's Storm Island expansion, you've gained access to your fourth Gauntlet challenge and for this challenge, you will be driving an extreme version of a commoner's RAM pickup truck known as the RAM Runner at the Midnight Forest track while surviving the harsh terrains and the severe thunderstorms as usual.

What is the RAM Runner? Built by Chrysler's in-house tuning brand Mopar, it uses the commoner's RAM 1500 as its base but this is just a collection of Mopar parts developed specifically for this RAM truck, so in short, this is a tuned version rather than a regular-production vehicle like the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. This particular RAM Runner is the Stage 2 package which features an all-coil spring suspension for better off-road driving as well as lengthened and reinforced front control arms, heavy-duty tie-rods and ball joints, and 3.0-inch Fox internal-bypass front and rear shocks. Even though it has offroad parts fitted on an ordinary RAM 1500, it's still road-legal but who would want to take out a big truck on the normal roads?

Anyway, with explainations becoming a waster of time, let's see how did I fare against the Gauntlet I'm facing...

The combination of unforgiving terrain and severe thunderstorms maybe a test of my distinct offroad abilities but the RAM Runner managed to survive the gauntlet without questioning.

That's it! 12 wins! That means I have unlocked the finale! With the finale on sight, what am I planning to do now? You'll find out soon as my journey to Storm Island reached its climax.

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