Saturday, August 22, 2015

FH2 Storm Island: Manic at the classic Mini


For anyone interested in small but nimble hatchbacks offered in the world of Forza Horizon 2, the original Mini Cooper is still one of the best choices if you're in a mood for some David and Goliath clashes on and off the road, looking for something cheap and tough that can go places and outsmart the big boys. Between you and me, this old Mini isn't half bad to drive and improve at all. With the modern Minis are bigger and more German than what it used to be, there's nothing in this world that can beat the original, British-built, Mini Cooper.

Penned by Sir Alec Issigonis for its design, collaborated with John Cooper for its performance, and its stardom made it a star in its own rights thanks to Mr. Bean, The Italian Job, The Bourne Identity, and many others, this original Mini Cooper has won the fans' hearts out with its small sizing fit enough to slip through the bigger cars like if there's no one saw it coming. Even though it was made for housewives in mind, the original Mini made famous for its racing pedigree from track racing to rallycross, proving that small is great.

Sure, this Mini loves to take on challenges it can throw at, but what about challenges that are much tougher than it looks? Well, since I'm in a middle of my Storm Island survival, I decided to make my old Mini Cooper as rally worthy as it were during its golden days.

mini (2)

That getup reminded me of something but anyway, time to find out how my Mini survived Storm Island's worst...

Wow, even for a small size, the old Mini's not afraid of whatever nature's thrown at it, even severe weather storms. Looks like this old-timers still has the guts to win races, even at bad weather conditions. With two wins left before the Finale, my survival on Storm Island continues...

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