Friday, August 28, 2015

FH2 Storm Island: Rallying the Fiesta ST


Ford's Fiesta ST may be a pocket rocket on the streets but because of the Ford Fiesta's involvement in the world of rallying, it's hard to question if this Ford Fiesta makes it the perfect rallying machine even if you're continuing your quest on surviving Storm Island. Well, while I'm still doing what the so-called Storm Island survival guide told, I decided to call on my Fiesta ST again and this time, giving it the necessary equipment needed to survive Storm Island such as heightened suspension, rally tires, and a low-range gearbox. I can keep the design I made since my Horizon Festival journeys because it looks so my mind.

Now, what concerns me the most is even though this is a very small car that promises to outfox the big boys, it can't keep up in the straights, where Evos and Subies have the upper lead because of their power advantages. The only blessing for the Fiesta is its defensive driving, some luck, and some fate. Of course, since this is Storm Island, half of everything is luck and the other half is fate, so the Fiesta ST will give all of it to win and continue my survival to the finale.

Well, that really sums it up, but nevertheless, the Fiesta ST managed to survive and won one of Storm Island's challenges and with 11 wins in my disposal, looks like I have unlocked another Gauntlet challenge for me and by surprise, I only need one more championship win to unlock the Island Finale! How lucky was that? Anyway, with my survival to Storm Island is nearing its climax, what should I do now is up for me to decide...

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