Sunday, August 9, 2015

Forza Horizon 2: Greeting for a Special Agent


Aston Martin's DB5 remains one of the most iconic Bond cars ever made since its appearance in the 007 movie Goldfinger. Little did you know that when the Bond makers wanted this car to be in that film, Aston Martin rejected the idea. They will lend their car for a full price of 4,500 Pounds back in 1960's but the Bond creators decided not to because it's too expensive. They tried various cars fit for Bond but because of their desire of putting the Aston Martin in the Bond movie, the folks lend them a second-hand development car and the Bond people cost them five times more than the car itself to rig it with the Bond modifications. Such modifications such as bulletproofing the car, revolving license plate holder, mechanical tire shredders, forward-mounted machine guns, oil slicks, smokescreen, and our essential favorite, the ejector seat.

When Goldfinger was released in cinemas in the fall of 1964, it became a box-office hit and sales of the Aston Martin DB5 went through the roof, signalling the start of the wonderful collaboration between Aston Martin cars and the James Bond 007 franchise that span through decades and its recent appearance in a Bond movie on this car was 2012's Skyfall, featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Here, in the world of FH2, the DB5 is not armed with the usual Q modifications, but what you get is a legendary grand tourer equipped with a 4.0L straight-6 engine producing 282bhp of power and a top speed of 145mph. Doesn't sound much by modern standards but it's a great car to drive for those who want to live a life of Her Majesty's deadliest agent who wreaks havoc through all parts of the world, stopping villains bent on world domination while wooing the ladies with his charisma. It maybe old but its still a fun car to drive in this game whether if you're in races or online mini-games.

db5 (2)

See those squarish markings on the DB5? I tried replicating the iconic Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5 as seen on the film but don't expect rear shields popping up or someone gets flung on the ejector seat. Oh no. Because I'll send this car on a championship I've booked in for this car in Sisteron and some usual Q modifications have been made...for competitiveness. No. It doesn't involve weaponry. It involves enhanced performance that can be set on an equal playing field against the competition.

Like all good James Bonds, I tend to disobey Q's promise to bring this car back to pristine condition but...forgive me Q. I have a race to win.

As Q might say, I have not only won the championship but I nearly wrecked most of the DB5's compartments. At least it's better than saving the car and lose the race. Happy now, Q?!

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