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Notes of School Idol Days ~Curtain Call~

Notes of School Idol Days ~Curtain Call~

Since its introduction five years ago, the Love Live series became one of the most successful franchise in anime history thanks to the fanbase, the songs, the games, the TV series spanning two seasons, and the truths and ideals about everyone fighting to have their products be known to the Love Live girls. In recognition for their five-year success, a movie version called "Love Live! The School Idol Movie" was launched in Japanese theaters last June 2015 and soon worldwide.

In the film, following μ's victory at the Love Live competition, the girls are planning to part ways when their senior members graduate until their one last hurrah came into them as the girls are holding a concert event at a foreign land, namely New York, USA to be precise. As they arrive in New York, the girls are pulling their usual Love Live humor and drama up until they're ready for one last vow to have their presence known to the world.

To commemorate μ's final vow in the film that captures the hearts and minds of every Lovelivers everywhere, an original soundtrack from the movie has arrived. Called Notes of School Idol Days ~Curtain Call~, this 34-track compilation features the songs and score from The School Idol Movie. With the film's original music composed and produced by Yoshiaki Fujisawa, it features some of the movie edited μ's songs such as Hello,星を数えて, Angelic Angel, ?←HEARTBEAT, and some.

It's a must have for those who witnessed the movie, which served more like a fitting send-off to the ever-famed μ's as they are ready to have their baton passed to a new generation of Lovelivers.


01 ほのかな記憶 (M01)
02 メインテーマ(Movie ver) (M02)
03 μ's、海の向こうへ! (M03)
04 見知らぬ土地で、何をする? (M04)
05 ホテルで見た夢 (M05)
06 さぁ!出発にゃ! (M06)
07 街を満喫! (M07)
08 この街はアキバに似てる (M08)
09 Hello,星を数えて (Movie Edit)
10 GoHAN-YA (M09)
11 Honoka! Hurry up!!!!!!!! (M10)
12 As Time Goes By (M11A)
13 答えはとても簡単 (M12)
14 答えはとても簡単 (リフレイン) (M12B)
15 Angelic Angel (Movie Edit)
16 空港にファンがいっぱい… (動揺) (M13)
17 街にもファンがもっといっぱい! (困惑) (M14)
18 ?←HEARTBEAT (Movie Edit)
19 にこにこぬぅぃ~☆ (M15A)
20 無理なものは無理! (M15B)
21 みんなでライブをもう一度 (M16)
22 穂乃果の葛藤 (M17)
23 それぞれの想い (M18)
24 As Time Goes By (リフレイン) (M11B)
25 決断 (M19)
26 伝説が生まれた瞬間 (M20)
27 Future style (Movie Edit)
28 最高のライブへ!東奔西走!! (M21)
29 準備開始! (M22)
30 ライブ当日の朝 (M23)
31 ステージへと続く道 (M24)
32 SUNNY DAY SONG (Movie Edit)
33 Days Have Passed By (M25)
34 僕たちはひとつの光 (Movie Edit)

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