Wednesday, August 5, 2015



The second half of THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls anime series features a much turning point for 346 Production's Cinderella Project as they face more drama, more suspense, and more laughter in store for them as well as meeting up with fresh new faces striving to be the best idols of the said talent agency, no matter the risks.

To commemorate the second half of the hit anime series based on the popular social game from THE IDOLM@STER franchise, the brand new opening theme song titled Shine!! has arrived! This maxi-single CD features three songs including the latest opening theme song as mentioned as well as とどけ!アイドル sung by Uzuki Shimamura, Rin Shibuya, Mio Honda, Anzu Futaba, and Kirari Moroboshi, and お願い!シンデレラ performed by all the girls of the CINDERELLA PROJECT.

Those who've already pre-ordered a limited edition two-disc can get a special Blu-Ray Disc featuring a special music video and three Blu-Ray audios to listen.

1) Shine!!
2) とどけ!アイドル
3) お願い!シンデレラ
4) Shine!! (Original Karaoke)
5) とどけ!アイドル (Original Karaoke)

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