Sunday, August 23, 2015

The YaKie Wedding Part 2 on EB's #KiligPaMore

A few weeks ago, there was a wedding between Yaya Dub and Frankie Arinolli (played by Jose Manalo) at a certain closed court and everyone's invited on that wedding. That YaKie wedding was meant to Lola Nidora (played by Wally Bayola) in order to pay the ransom for the diary of secrets that was stolen by the riding in tandem. Alden's going to rush to that wedding to stop it but it was too late. Yaya Dub fainted and the wedding ended in disaster.

On yesterday's Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving kalyeserie called #KiligPaMore, with their lesson learned, they decided to do the YaKie wedding again and this time, it's a race against time because of Lola's imminent death as forewarned by the Dr. Tan-Ning. If you remember correctly, her projected time of death would be 2:30 PM Philippine Time on the day of the wedding so every second has to be count in this jam-packed wedding.

Instead of a closed court, the wedding took place at a certain area with air-conditioners on it just to prevent Yaya Dub from fainting like last time.

As for Alden, he's so disappointed that he lost the fight against Frankie for the love of the inaudible lady who only speaks in sound bites from other shows or movies. Sure, he's going to rush to the wedding but inevitably, Lola's Rogelio henchmen blocked his way. With so many Rogelios blocking his way, looks like Alden has failed his destiny to meet up with Yaya Dub as usual.

However, as the vows exchange, once again, the perfect wedding came to a premature end, this time the cops have arrived and they learned that the pastor in charge of the wedding is a fraud! If that wasn't enough, Dr. Tan-Ning is also a fraud and admits that Lola will never die at all! In short, this wedding is a fake! As a matter of fact, there's still forever for AlDub!

What's next for AlDub, Lola Nidora, and Frankie? Do we expect more thrills from this segment? Keep watching Eat Bulaga every weekdays for more of EB Problem Solving's kalyeserie!

What's meant to be will ALWAYS find its way.

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