Tuesday, September 1, 2015

FH2 Storm Island: The Island Finale

With 12 championships cleared during my survival on Storm Island, looks like I have finally gained access to the one thing most daredevils must accept in order to be crowned as the Island Champ; the Storm Island Finale. The finale is a long, 2-lap, offroad, course and the objective is simple; win the race while surviving the harsh terrain that will put your offroad abilities to the test. Although the weather isn't what you called grim, the elevation and the offroad conditions will surely put your driving skills to the test and if you win this finale, you are sure enough to say that you've survived Storm Island.


For the finale, I have gone for the Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid extreme offroader and there is one major reason why I chose this for the finale. Sure, it maybe the un-American Ford Ranger because this truck sold in some parts of the world except the US, but this extreme Ranger is what gave me the start on this quest for survival. The Ranger T6 Rally Raid started this journey and now it wants to end it like every great hero of an epic adventure. I have high hopes for this machine but first...

ranger (2)

To prepare for the final onslaught, some major improvements have been made to keep the Ranger competitive against any other opponents it will face on the Island Finale and for some added flavor, I even whipped up a little design for the Ranger. Yep, it's themed after Cinderella Girls' Riina Tada, just to give it a little "Rock of Mind", if you know what I mean.

Anyway, with preparations complete, it's time for me and my Ranger to take on the final race in Storm Island but the opponents I'm facing right now are not what they seem to be because I might be expecting four-door saloons, crossovers, and rarely exotics joining the fray. Even though this is an off-road capable machine, this Ranger is heavier than the rest so it's best for me to stay on top as long as I reach the finish and not allowing every single one rival slip past me. If one slipped past my blind spots, I have to take some creative measures to overtake it and defend to the very end.

Because of the elevation, jumps are imminent as well as potential car damages that can affect the car's performance, should the damage setting is on the Simulation. If you're experiencing loss on power, keep going and watch your back!

Okay, no time for more explanations because it's time to hit the deck and survive the final onslaught!

Can't believe most of the Jerries are getting the better of me, but nevertheless, I am alive and I am victorious. I have won the Storm Island Finale with bravery and confidence, no doubt.

I have finally survived Storm Island and now, I kept thinking....what's next? Looks like my survival in Storm Island is finally over but not for me because I still had a lot of mopping up to do while driving in both the Horizon Festival and Storm Island.

This journey's over but the story never ends...

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