Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Nathaniel Ending

The final episode of ABS-CBN's fantasy drama, Nathaniel, our favorite young angel is on the final battle to defeat the tagasundo as he unleashed hell on the village of Laging Saklolo as well as the entire nation. It's a race against time for Nathaniel to save everyone from the tagasundo's evil plot to send everyone to hell, even if it costs him his life, his long-lost family, and everyone close to him.

From the help of the people's prayers that summoned the angels as well as his archangel allies, Nathaniel successfully persuaded and vanquished the tagasundo once and for all to the end, and the balance has been fully restored to the village of Laging Saklolo.

As he approached to the church, Nathaniel fainted in front of everyone, including Paul, Rachel, Beth, Dimas, Abi, and Hannah. As they approach inside, Rachel and Paul prayed to God to bring back Nathaniel and it did. Nathaniel woke up just to see his long lost parents for one last time and because his mission on Earth is well and truly over, he begged his parents, his friends (including Hannah and Abi), and everyone around him (as well as Nanay Beth and Tiyo Dimas) farewell.

As he said his final words to everyone, Nathaniel ascended back to the heavens and in return, he meets up with the maestro, his archangel allies, as well as Tatay Abner and AVL. By his amazement, the maestro told Nathaniel that he had a message from God and when Nathaniel talked to God, he told Him that he learned valuable lessons during his mission on Earth and how the power of doing good prevailed against all odds.

This concludes the heavenly story of Nathaniel. May God Bless You All.

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