Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yes. NASA says waters of Mars DO exist.

Image Reference: BBC

Shocking news for everyone who's into space (and DW-related malarkey) because there was news regarding what's what with the planet Mars because today, the top officials from NASA confirms signs of water flowing on Mars, showing incredible evidence of life in the red planet.

Yes, there IS such thing as waters of Mars according to NASA but I should warn you that pretty soon, when you go there, you might wind up like these guys as seen from that Doctor Who special titled The Waters of Mars. What? Haven't seen it? But if you did see it years ago or you've binge-watched Doctor Who for this, use extreme caution because even though NASA confirms there is such thing as waters of Mars, you'd better not make close contact with that.

Please...Every Whovian in the world knows how this ends...in disaster.

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