Sunday, October 11, 2015

Doctor Who S09E04

Picking up where last week's episode left off, the fourth episode of the ninth series of Doctor Who, titled Before The Flood, sees the Doctor and his allies set foot to Cold War-era Scotland while Clara remains on the 22nd century underwater base to keep an eye on Cass and Lunn while encountering the unexpected. We might think that this episode turned out to be a suicide mission for The Doctor but while it maybe a suicidal attempt to get things right, he faced off against an alien warlord known as the Fisher King. It's a good thing the blast from the dam gave this alien a sinking feeling to finish it.

Just before the start of the episode, The Doctor gave the viewers a much irrelevant trivia we might be interested with involving Beethoven's 5th and getting The Doctor's rock 'n roll groove on. Anyway, it's still a rocking rush to see The Doctor fought off a powerful enemy from a distant past and saved the future, albeit a costly one.


Image: BBC

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