Sunday, October 25, 2015

Doctor Who S09E06

Doctor Who S09E06

Ashildr, played by Maisie Williams, has resurfaced from another time as a masked bandit known as the Knightmare in the latest episode titled "The Woman Who Lived". In this episode, The Doctor made a fateful reunion with Ashildr while taking on a risky heist that will cost both of their lives. That heist is nothing more of an elaborate plot from an alien lion man named Leandro, the last of the Leonian race. He wants to get his amulet, which is unique to his defunct home planet, and want someone's death to activate the amulet to open the doorway to another world. That death could be none other than the execution of Sam Swift, played by Rufus Hound. Good thing, The Doctor and Ashildr managed to use another "immortality charge" to save Sam from his impending execution and in the end...the Leonians killed Leandro for his failure.

No one knows where will Ashildr pop up next until a selfie pic of Clara and her star student pinpoints where Ashildr is but there's more of Ashildr's immortality mystery for many moments to come.


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