Friday, October 16, 2015

Forza Motorsport 6: Comparing the M4 to the F-Type

In Top Gear's 2014 original video, The Perfect Road Trip 2, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond went to Mugello for their second day of their Italian road trip to Capri and while in Mugello, Clarkson picked the BMW M4 Coupe while Richard Hammond gone for the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe, a car that he didn't like. When challenged to overtake The Stig while driving a Fiat 500 Abarth, things get very personal as they are doing everything they got to overtake The Stig. After many laps later, Hammond crashed his Jag while Clarkson drove his way to overtaking The Stig and he did.

Since we don't have a Mugello here, it might be best to compare these two machines at the Top Gear Test Track to see which is of these machines lived up to the boys' attempts during their so-called perfect road trip.

First, let's talk about the M4. At first glance, this is essentially a two-door version of the M3, what it used to be called the M3 Coupe but now BMW called it the M4 because they want to make it different. Style-wise, it can be bothersome not just the Austin Gelb metallic paintjob, which is hideous for a Bimmer. There's so much elevation on its hood and its door mirrors look a bit fuzzy.

In terms of driving, it's also bothersome because the new M4 is powered by a 3.0L 6-cylinder turbo engine which produces more power than the old M3 and with better fuel consumption than the old M3's V8 engine but there is a gap that you can't feel it until it does. Also, it comes with electric power steering and whatever you do, don't put the M4 to the maximum settings because it's like a switch that switches on or off the oversteering. If you get it right, the M4 is very easy to handle and much serious on-track. Despite its flaws, the M4 is a well-suited and well-catered sportscar that vies to lap quicker lap times thanks to its extensive use of lightweight materials and with its perfect weight distribution, it feels well-balanced.

Now, let's talk about the Jaguar F-Type Coupe R. Although this is the best sportscar Jaguar has ever created since the XKR-S, there are some problematic demerits to consider. You know the supercharged V8's exhaust notes? Sounds artificial because some techies wanted to sound like that. On the interior, it looks more of a contrast from its exterior design. What's even more problematic is its pricing because when lavishly equipped with optional extras, the pricing is somewhat supercar-ish than what this car is. Despite its flaws, the F-Type Coupe R is no Jaguar for the gentlemen because it's a fun car that you can slip around in a cloud of tire smoke. Because the V8's more powerful than the BMW M4, getting through the straight is an easy job for this Jag. Be wary though that even though it has more power than the Bimmer, handling the F-Type is like trying to take on a song from the School Idol HARD or EXPERT difficulty. One slip-up equals a major pileup of mess. Watch out for it.

So, with everything sorted out, let's find out which of these two is the quickest round the Top Gear Track and see if which car should have been the ideal car that overtook the Stig back in Mugello...and get vandalized at the end.

Now, I have the results of this test. The BMW M4 did it in 1:24.889 while the F-Type Coupe R did it in 1:22.422, meaning that the F-Type could have overtook The Stig if Richard Hammond didn't crashed it. Hmph...

So, with the F-Type done my test, looks like it wants some more but what kind of test will I give it to the Jag? You'll find out soon...

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