Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Forza Motorsport 6: A Lambo Huracan on a Rainy Day Nurburgring

In my previous post, I've pitted both the Lamborghini Huracan and the McLaren 650S round the Top Gear Test Track and to my amazement, despite the power gap, the Huracan managed to beat the 650S by a second. Now, it's time to drive the Huracan once again to find out its hidden potential and to do that I went to Nurburgring on a rainy day. Yes. Rainy Day on a Nurburgring.


As I'm sure you know, you want me to take on the Nurburgring just to prove how good the Huracan was but because I can only record up to five minutes of hot laps, lapping the Nordschleife is very impossible to record on one go. In the meantime, I'd use the Grand Prix Circuit instead. Because it's raining outside, I'd expect this would be a wet lap and it's going to be slippery when wet. I know the Huracan comes with four-wheel drive but because it's a midship supercar, I might find doubts that it may slip up like how rear wheel drive cars behave on a wet track. Anyway, time to find out just how good this Huracan is on a wet lap at the Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuit.

As I tried the Huracan on a wet lap at the Nurburgring GP Circuit, I felt like I was very intimidated by the weather at first but for this car, it doesn't feel like it's the kind of car that accepts defeat with honor and dignity. It sees the rainy weather as a challenge and takes a piece of it. It felt like it can turn the tide of any race, depending on the weather, at the hands of a skilled driver. Even though this is still a usable car even when wet, it's still a Lambo and you can expect some thrills while riding it on a wet lap.

Yes. Even though this is a midship-4WD supercar, you can drive this one on a wet lap and there's absolutely nothing to worry about driving a hundred-thousand dollar Lambo on one of the most demanding racetracks on a rainy day. All it takes is some skill and determination to keep this car focused and balanced while handling on wet conditions.

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