Saturday, October 24, 2015

Forza Motorsport 6: The legendary Honda RA300


Now, here's a legendary grand prix machine I'm particularly keen about. The Honda RA300. Part of Forza Motorsport 6's Logitech G Car Pack, this legendary machine has a well-known legacy and commands your upmost respect.

Built in collaboration with Lola Cars, the RA300 is Honda's legendary Formula One racing machine that was introduced halfway through the 1967 season and served as the successor to the RA273.

Like the RA273, the RA300 is powered by a 3.0L V12 engine, but its chassis was designed by Lola, hence gaining the nickname "Hondola" by the motoring public. The Lola-derived chassis is lighter and better to handle than the previous one and such result recorded its first win at the Italian Grand Prix with John Surtees behind the wheel.

It is the only F1 car in Honda's history to win a Grand Prix in the first place and on the only lap it would ever lead.

I'm no fan of classic cars but this Japanese F1 machine from its glorious past feels very novel even though it was emerged at the time where all Formula One cars in the 20th century focused on speed beyond all else. When you hear the noise of its V12 engine, that sound really takes you back to the 60's and trying to master this legendary machine requires precise driving skills because since this is a 60's racing machine car, you have to focus on your senses on when to accelerate, when to brake, and when to corner. With practice, the RA300 isn't a bad classic machine to drive if you have great taste among historic racers and its heritage it carries.

I decided to give the RA300 one lap round Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which now comes with a 2014 track revision of the Grand Prix circuit which is shorter than the old 2008-2013 layout of the GP track but the final corners on this new revision requires precise driving skills if drivers want to make it out alive and race to the checkered flag. Without further ado, here goes my lap round Indianapolis in a legendary Honda F1 car.

After a lap round the 2014 revision of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Grand Prix Circuit, I have established my personal lap time of 01:33.670. Not the quickest I have done but I had fun discovering the essence of the legendary Honda RA300, the only F1 car in Honda's history to win a Grand Prix in the only lap it would ever lead.

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