Sunday, October 18, 2015

Forza Motorsport 6: Tale of two Jags

A few moments ago, I went to the Top Gear Test Track to compare between the Jaguar F-Type Coupe R and the BMW M4 just to find out which of the car is best and to my amazement, the F-Type Coupe R, with its supercharged V8 engine, outsmart the turbocharged BMW M4 like how Britain won the Battle of Britain.

Now, I'm in one part of Great Britain. Specifically, Silverstone, and I'm still in the F-Type Coupe R to see how much fun this V8-powered sportscar is on its home turf. However, I'm not sending this F-Type back home just for fun, I sent it home because I want to compare this to another Jaguar offered in-game and that particular Jag in question is a hardcore version of the XKR-S, undoubtedly one of the best Jags I have ever driven in my Forza life.

The GT version of Jaguar's high-performance XKR-S coupe represents the pinnacle of Jaguar's ultimate grand tourer and it has became a hardcore, track-focused version of the said model.

In the North American market, only 30 units are made. The GT features enhanced aerodynamic components and suspension development for better downforce and handling. It is the first Jaguar to use carbon ceramic brakes.

Like the base XKR-S, it comes with the 5.0L V8 petrol Supercharged AJ-V8 GEN III R engine producing 550PS of power and 680Nm of torque. It will do 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds and top speed electronically limited to 186mph.

Upon driving the XKR-S GT, it takes an expert-level driver to master the harsh dynamics due to the sheer power and torque its V8 delivers and when it rains down on the track, you need to be pretty certain because one slip and you're gone. It takes determination and guts to tame this British bulldog right up to its noses.

Both the F-Type Coupe R and the XKR-S GT really are the cream of the crop from Jaguar but what differs these two really is hard to explain why because while the F-Type Coupe is more of a grand tourer fit for leisurely purposes only rich gentlemen would do, the XKR-S GT nullifies its gentlemanly manner in the pursuit of being a track-ready screamer. Sure, the F-Type R is lighter than the XKR-S GT but because the XKR-S GT features track-focused essentials, seems that it can munch through every corner it sees but either way, they can be tricky to get to their best behavior even when wet.

To find out, I compare these two Jags on a head to head comparo round Silverstone for some wet laps. Fastest time wins so here goes...

After spending the day with a wet lap round Silverstone, I have the results. The XKRS-GT did it in 2:45.597 while the F-Type Coupe R did it in 2:44.804, which means the F-Type Coupe R has been proven to be the ultimate Jaguar at this moment in time.

Oh yes, it's good to be bad.

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