Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hyundai New Avante/Elantra (AD)

2016 Hyundai Avante

Hyundai's Avante (known as the Elantra in the world market) has been regenerated and for this regeneration, it becomes more of a questionable compact midsize saloon rather than a stylish one, probably thanks to Hyundai's Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design first seen on the Genesis premium saloon. While this may have some eccentric looks that some say they stole it from the Mazda Axela's, what's it like to be in the new model?

With the slogan "Super Normal" comes into the new Avante's mind, Hyundai says that this all-new Avante has been through lot of tests to ensure that this C-segment saloon is on par against the Japanese biggies. Although the design is not what you called stylish, it has a drag coefficient of 0.27 Cd, making it the lowest of its class courtesy of its Wheel Air Curtains alongside its bumper ribs and the under cover. It's now longer and wider than the previous model and 53% of the new Avante's bodywork comprises of Advanced High Strength Steel, making it more stiffer and more durable.

2016 Hyundai Avante interior

2016 Hyundai Avante interior

Although the exterior design will leave car enthusiasts some mixed reactions, expect the same thing on the interior as well because while the previous MD model looks somewhat rakish and radical, the new AD model's interior is becoming more uniform as what present-day Hyundais had. Once you get in, you can't really tell the difference between this and any other Hyundais offered. While the interior is becoming a Hyundai uniformity for bigger things to come, there are some concessions of conveniences offered such as rear air-con vents, Integrated Memory Seat, Smart Trunk, optional Harman audio system, and Smart Navigation + 7 inches Rear View Camera. Yes. It's becoming more tech-savvy for the millennials right now.

2016 Hyundai Avante

Like the previous Avante MD model, the new Avante AD model is offered with two engine choices; a 1.6L GDi engine producing 132PS of power and 164Nm of torque or a 1.6L e-VGT engine with 136PS and 183Nm of torque. Most variants can be offered with either a 6-speed AT or a 6-speed MT but on the diesel variant, a 7-speed double clutch gearbox is an exclusivity.

As for dynamics, the new Avante comes with an updated Motor Driven Power Steering that provides better handling response at different speeds, resulting to even better stability on corners but I'm not sure if these drivers react to this upgraded electric power steering, presumably. As for silence, the new model has better NVH thanks to new windscreen wipers, thickened glass windows, and a rear-wheel guard made from new materials.

Safety-wise the new Avante is loaded with tech such as automatic braking system, High Beam Assist, Blind Spot Detector with Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. It even comes with SPAS for parking purposes and a Lamp Disconnection Diagnostic System which warns the drivers that one of its headlamps are out, meaning they'd better service it at their nearest Hyundai dealer for a new set of lights.

The Avante is now available with an introductory price of 13,840,000 to 21,250,000 Won for the petrol model and 16,000,000 to 23,710,000 Won for the diesel model. It doesn't sound cheap but it's a smart buy full stop. So, what's to like about the Avante? Affordability? Perhaps. Drivability? Think so. Tech. Presumably. And what's not to like? Perhaps it's the styling that doesn't really woo the crowd.

Available colors: Polar White, Platinum Silver, Sparkling Metal, Iron Grey, Ice White, Marina Blue, Moonlight Blue, Phoenix Orange, Fiery Red, and Phantom Black.

Photo: Hyundai Motor Company

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