Friday, October 9, 2015

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If you're a fan of Gravity Falls who can understand the secret message on this title, it says "How to dress as Dipper or Mabel Pines".

Anyway, Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines, the so-called Mystery Twins who are here to solve the supernatural phenomena lurking around the town called Gravity Falls.

We all enjoyed watching that hit Disney animated series because with a blend of horror, comedy, drama, romance, adventure, and the inevitable plot twists that keeps the viewers guessing what's next, Gravity Falls is already turning to be the next Adventure Time for all the wrong barrels.

Yes, you can dress yourself as either Dipper or Mabel, so here are some useful bits of advice that will make you become one of the Mystery Twins.

As Dipper:

- Dipper's signature hat is a white and blue cap with a pine tree on it. It's hard getting the real thing so it might best to improvise it with your own creativity.

- For his top, Dipper wears a red shirt and a dark blue outdoor vest. Those are easy to find at the shops as long at they match Dipper's.

- Dipper's shorts can be somewhat grayish or blackish. I don't know what but I belive it can be grayish so feel free to find whatever shorts you can find as long as it matches Dipper's.

As Mabel:

Now this is the difficult bit because Mabel's outfit keeps changing per episode and so are her sweater designs. Apart from the sweaters, the color of her headband and her skirt also changes per episode.

I've gone with one of my favorites for you, ladies, to consider for your Mabel cosplay;

That said, you are free to replicate whatever sweater design Mabel pulled off every episode, as long as you got the corresponding headband and skirt that well-suited for the sweater design of choice.

And that's it! You're done. Becoming one of the Mystery Twins is one way of saying you are ready to investigate the world's strangest moments just like in the show. Whether if its world-threatening prophecies, people with abnormal looks, or other paranormal activities that lurk around everyday, like what the mystery journals told, you can be sure that your outfits are ready to take on whatever the supernatural throws at you, Gravity Falls-style!

Good luck and BEWARB!

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